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Mark Gaffney breaks down 9/11 insider trading

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First hour: Mark Gaffney breaks down his newly revised article – the best available succinct overview of the subject – “9/11 – The Evidence For Insider Trading.

Even a quick scan of the evidence cited in the above article makes it obvious that there was massive high-level insider trading by CIA-linked individuals, members of the Bush family, and others with foreknowledge of the 9/11/2001 crime of the century, and that the SEC engineered a blatant cover-up, going so far as to shred all the documents connected with their “investigation.” The three academic papers on the subject all agree that 9/11 insider trading was real.

So why aren’t the perps and SEC cover-up team swinging from a rope?

Second hour: Is libertarianism the solution…or part of the problem? Libertarian Brian Wright, author of The Truman Prophecy: Rise of the Independents, writes: “This is the weekend of the Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando. We can discuss‎ what to expect and not to expect for truth and justice from the Libertarians (I was once a ‘VIP’ in the Michigan party)… and from the liberty movement in general.”

2 Thoughts to “Mark Gaffney breaks down 9/11 insider trading”

  1. I was fascinated to hear that Achille Lauro/Klinghoffer and Entebbe were actually Mossad ops. I can believe Achille, but I find it hard to believe Entebbe because Jonathan Netanyahu was killed in that "rescue." It's just hard to believe they'd sacrifice up one of their own kin, and I can't believe they let it be bungled enough to put him in harm's way. Any links to substantiate those factoids?

  2. I believe Entebbe is discussed in Ostrovsky's "By Way of Deception," while the Achille Lauro affair is exposed in Ari Ben-Menashe's "Profits of War." Both books are highly recommended for those interested in Mossad shenanigans.

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