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Rand Corporation: Terrorism is random, insignificant, has declined since 1970s

America’s leading think tank says the so-called war on terror is a hoax.

Since 9/11/2001, we have been living in a terrorized world of “heightened alerts” and “threat levels raised to orange.” The war on terror has been used to double the US military budget, stage disastrous and illegal wars of aggression, and eviscerate the Constitution.

But now the Rand Corporation tells us:

“Using the Global Terrorism Database, the researchers find an absence of clustering for terrorist events around trigger events since 1994, no increases in terrorism on significant dates, and a decline of terrorism in the West since the 1970s, suggesting that the threat of terrorism should not affect individuals’ behavior and decisions in the United States and Western Europe — not even in the wake of a significant terrorist event.”

If there is no reason for the alleged threat of terrorism to affect anyone’s behavior or decisions, WTF have we been doing for the past 15 years?!

Did the 9/11 PR stunt drive us permanently insane?

My book Questioning the War on Terror (2008) explained that lightning bolts and bathtub drownings pose a far greater threat than terrorism. Therefore anyone who fears terrorism is a paranoid lunatic. It looks like the Rand Corporation agrees.

5 Thoughts to “Rand Corporation: Terrorism is random, insignificant, has declined since 1970s”

  1. "Did the 9/11 PR stunt drive us permanently insane?" Yes it did, but this country and it's brainwashed, super patriotic masses were insane already. They were driven insane by the 200 plus years of propaganda and patriotism. This insanity goes far beyond paranoia over "Terrorists". The whole American culture along with all of it's institutions, paradigms, believes, religions, etc. have been subverted and twisted to serve the corporations and provide them with consumers of their filth and perversion. Why not try to counter this trend with the ideas expressed in here:

  2. Sad to repeat the rarely talked about: 1999–Memo We need a New Pearl Harbor Event
    1996 Memo To Bill Clinton–7 middle east countries need to be destroyed ,for Israel's security
    In 2001 and still most Americans have not connected to the crime done by the tribe. Any guesses what group demanded for the event?

  3. Anonymous

    State sponsored terrorism is always at the ready. Excluding Israel,the US and Europe, there was very little terrorism to begin with.

  4. Einstein said that you can't solve a problem by the same consciousness that created it. It seems that that would be the same for answering such questions as above, or changing societies, etc. You have to look past foxnbccbscnnetc. to find the answers. Additionally, if you do find the answer (and, therefore, the problem), you won't be able to write your congressman out of it, or vote your way out of it, or hold hands and sing Kumbya out of it. You need a new way of solving, not only riddles, but problems. Iceland had the right idea, as did the website mentioned in comment number 1 above.

  5. What 1999 Memo "we Need a New Pearl Harbor" 1996 Memo To Bill Clinton "7 middle east countries need to be destroyed, for Israel's security" Jesus lord..

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