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9/11 coverup czar Zelikow “doesn’t know what the real story is”

Cornered rat?

Philip Zelikow, a self-described expert in “the creation and maintenance of public myths,wrote the 9/11 Commission Report in chapter outline before the Commission even convened.

Zelikow, architect of the Bush Doctrine of framing criminal wars of aggression as “pre-emptive wars,” is the co-author of an astonishingly precognitive 1998 Foreign Affairs article speculating about the likely political and cultural consequences of a massive Pearl Harbor style event such as the destruction of the World Trade Center – a catastrophe that, he said, would split time into a dimly-remembered “before” and an Orwellian “after.”

Zelikow is on record stating that the 9/11 wars were not about defending the US from any threat. Instead, they were about “the threat that dare not speak its name” – the threat to Israel.

Many of us suspect Zelikow co-wrote the script for the 9/11 “reality disaster movie” in the late ’90s. So if anyone should know “the real story” of 9/11 it would be him.

Yet now he tells NBC News: “To this day I don’t quite know what the real story is”:

“If people want to get to the truth about 9/11, the shortest route would be to bring the people responsible to trial,” Zelikow said, “because all of the information that’s been gathered in all the years since 9/11 would be available to then become part of the public record.” But Zelikow also said there are some things about the 9/11 attacks that even the government doesn’t know. “To this day I don’t quite know what the real story is,” he said. “We said what we said in the commission report. When we said that this needs more work, that was a big thing for us to say.”

For once in my life I agree with Mr. Zelikow. And among the first people responsible we should put on trial is the likely co-author of the script for the 9/11 false flag event, Philip Zelikow himself.

7 Thoughts to “9/11 coverup czar Zelikow “doesn’t know what the real story is””

  1. Zelikow has given us a new line to use with the blind masses to show that the official story did not give answers to many questions. The Truth Movement spent much time on coming up with answers, which is good, but we need to keep attacking the official story and show how weak it is EVEN BY THE ADMISSION OF ZELIKOW!!!

  2. A rule of law solution: Sufficient evidence exists to commence indictments.

  3. Anonymous

    Everyone should enter his online course and ask these questions.

    That would be a great learning experience.

    Don't you agree?

  4. 911 smoking gun. After 911 all investigative and prosecutorial positions were taken by dual citizen Jews.
    We have found the enemy and he is US. Pogo Possum.

  5. Most insightful. Especially so for me in that I have a hard copy of the circa 1998 Nov-Dec addition of FOREIGN AFFAIRS journal.

  6. What answers have they spent much time coming up with? The 1 and only area of agreement in the movement is to demand a real investigation. Independent research has indeed answered some perplexing questions but the road to answering them began with the exhaustive scrutiny of the official account. Without the attention of main stream media its impossible. But that cant happen unless we are more active.

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