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4 Thoughts to “Ted Cruz begs Kevin for money”

  1. ils ont les files qui se touchent les zios… jettes un oiel sur le seul temoin qui aurait vu un des kamikazes au stade france, c'est un proche de valls et hollande, sur le site de hicham-panamza

    ils vont le mettre dans un camp de concentration sur la lune… sont capables

  2. Cruz wants White Genocide just like you and your Talumdic friend Duff want. You should help him out with a few shekels.

  3. I get more ADL fatwas than anybody. I also get lots of attacks from white racists. Must be doing something right.

  4. I think Cruz, Hillary, Trump, etc. should concentrate on running for Governors of Florida or Kansas. They any of them would will hands down.

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