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Richard Hugus on Zionist propaganda and deception; Bob Reuschlein defends Hillary

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First half-hour: Richard Hugus writes:  “There is an interesting kind of inversion in Zionist propaganda whereby the thing the Zionist accuses his enemy of doing, he is doing himself. Sometimes it is called projection, but in this case it is not a psychological flaw; it is done consciously for the purpose of deceit.”  For details, listen to the interview, and check out Richard’s article: “Zionist Propaganda and Deception.”

Second half-hour: Bob Reuschlein, a.k.a. “Dr. Peace,” joins Truth Jihad Radio to incite controversy!   Bob’s latest article “To Hillary Clinton Critics” defends the current Democratic presidential favorite from charges that she is an imperialist warmonger. Me, I’m not buying it for a minute, as you will notice when you listen to this high-energy exchange. But regardless of the merits of this particular article, Dr. Bob does make a lot of good points about the downsides, economic and otherwise, of US imperialism and militarism.

For a good argument that Hillary cannot possibly win the presidency, check out:


3 Thoughts to “Richard Hugus on Zionist propaganda and deception; Bob Reuschlein defends Hillary”

  1. Anonymous

    A few years ago I was trying to get a meme-phrase going to express this zio-textbook "Flip the Script & Project" lying/propaganda MO. I was calling it, "The Chutzpah Maneuver." I even looked at how to submit it to; but IIRC it was rejected, no reason given of course. A bit strange, coz they do have some "loaded" entries, like:

    Anyways I gave up on "The Chutzpah Maneuver" and now I just call this deliberate textbook deception MO the more self-evident "Flip the Script & Project", without the ethno-religious tribal association I'd originally hoped for. Sigh. However, given the meaning of "chutzpah", roughly: shameless audacity; anyone (think: Gentiles) who knowingly employs this deception MO demonstrates chutzpah too, right?

    I'll break this comment into 3 parts coz I sense it'll be longer than blogspot allows in one shot. So I'll describe 3 more elements of this important & ubiquitous "Flip the Script & Project" lying MO. Namely, the "reverse projection" element, and the "strike first; then repeat loudly & often" element. I didn't really see Richard Hugus stress these key elements enough; at least not explicitly.

  2. Anonymous

    RE: the "reverse projection" element, this takes the opponent/enemy's good & virtuous qualities & desires, and tries to (fraudulently) project them onto aggressor/victimizer who's employing the zionist "Flip the Script & Project" (FTS&P) lying MO.

    So for example, the FTS&P employer, aka the malevolent aggressor, (fraudulently) postures as only wanting peace, "bending over backwards" to maintain peace in the face of their opponent's diabolical agenda & relentless aggression, yada yada.

    Or, say the FTS&P employer seeks to maintain the official narrative of a Big FF Lie, like 911, or Sandy Hoax. Their opponents are the Truthers who've seen through the lie & called it out, as the result of the Truthers' virtuous qualities of skepticism, thinking outside the FAUX-News marinating groupthink box, and diligent independent research. So, what qualities does the FTS&P-employing (aggressor) party masquerade as possessing; nay, as "owning"?? Mmmm Hmmm.

    I saw this latter example above in spades, related to the small cabal of "truther-turncoats" who campaigned in favor of's official Sandy Hoax narrative. They'd spend half of their shows "skooling listeners" about the fundamentals of diligent independent research, and the dangers of groupthink, and the sneaky "Delphi Technique" cognitive infiltrators who seek to deceive and betray ("us"… fraudulently including themselves, our vigilant watchdogs against such shenanigans).

    Meanwhile, hoping honest listeners wouldn't notice, this same pro-gov Sandy Hoax cabal was seeking to "Delphi" us into believing the groupthink narrative which 90/whatever percent of Americans have been deceived to believe! /rolleyes!

  3. Anonymous

    RE the "strike first, then repeat loudly & often" element of a thorough FTS&P employment; this amounts to being proactive in "owning" (the zio-inverted version of) the conflict, by being the FIRST to voice the (opponent's valid & inevitable) objections.

    It was just a few days after 911 that GWB gave his (zio-puppeteers') "…outrageous conspiracy theories…" UN speech, right? A couple of YEARS before 911 Truth started to see any small traction, Truthers had been "preemptively defined."

    There's obviously a powerful psych/mind-kontrol/sympathy power to be gained by the "FIRST to (preemptively & dishonestly) PROTEST! We see this over & over with the kind of "special interest organizations" as Hugus named in his article, who choose their org names by INVERTING 180 degrees their true agendas! The Defamation Experts preemptively deceive, by trying to posture as the arbitrators of the meaning of "defamation", by choosing "The Anti-Defamation League" for their name, know what I mean? Who would suspect that a group with ADL's chosen name, would be in the business of DEFAMING people who stood in the way of zionism's malevolent global agenda?

    Sandy Hoax Truthers didn't have their act together enough yet to chant in unison about how their organized pro-gov-narrative opponents "don't really seek the truth; only seek to be in their majority clique; their 'research' is sloppy; they employ dishonest gambits to achieve their agendas; yada yada" in correctly defining the pro gov narrative shills; we weren't disparaging of proclaimed SH believers at all– only seeking to open their eyes to the evidence of a grand hoax. But before we knew what hit us, the organized pro gov SH shills were PREEMPTIVELY chanting these accusations in unison seeking to fraudulently define SH truthers!

    Kevin's long article "Jonathan Kay's Among the Truthers: 'It All Ties in to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!!!!'" effectively deconstructs Kay's textbook employment to the FTS&P lying MO from top to bottom in his "Among the Truthers" zio-propaganda book.

    "Ironically", the (zio-textbook) FTS&P deception MO "works" coz of the targets' own propensity to "project" their own honesty/virtue onto others– thus dismissing the notion that their (malevolent aggressors) could possibly be lying on such a grand scale. Look up "Big Lie" at wikipedia to see what Hitler wrote about this zionist FTS&P lying MO.

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