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David Slesinger on AE911Truth activism; Tom Mysiewicz on The Saker and more

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First hour: Dave Slesinger is a former member of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth activism team. Dave is upset about some of AE911Truth’s decisions regarding activism. Rolf Lindgren, a veteran libertarian activist, calls in to join the discussion.

Second hour: Tom Mysiewicz, a former professional journalist who was hounded out of the profession by Zionists, has reported many interesting stories including “Ted Cruz and the End-Times Wealth Transfer”:

“Ted Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz is a Cuban communist who actively promoted Castro and is now a ‘born again’ Christian Zionist who preaches the doctrine of ‘End-Time Transfer Of Wealth.’ In this curious doctrine, money, rather than believers, will be ‘raptured’ to the loyal supporters of Israel at the end time…”

Which one plays the other on TV?

During this show, we started with his review of The Saker’s new book, moved on to debate “Islamic migrants in Europe” and finished with a discussion of the recently-ended militia occupation in Oregon (not too far from where Tom lives).

One Thought to “David Slesinger on AE911Truth activism; Tom Mysiewicz on The Saker and more”

  1. Rafael Cruz was never a Communist. He only supported Castro during the fight against Batista, before Castro declared himself a Communist. The rapture of wealth is an evangelical belief that says that wealth will go to the righteous or the Church not supporters of Israel.

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