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Ken O’Keefe: We’ve met the enemy, ISIS is US!

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First 45 minutes: Ken O’Keefe discusses his contribution to ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino…and related issues including false flags, Zionism, aggression as the supreme war crime, World War II revisionism, and more.

Ken O’Keefe, a former United States Marine, is an Irish-Palestinian citizen, activist, and Gulf War veteran who attempted to renounce United States citizenship in 2001, and led the human shield effort in Iraq in 2003. In June 2010, O’Keefe was a passenger on board the MV Mavi Marmara. During the Gaza flotilla raid, O’Keefe clashed with the Israeli military on the ship, helping disarm two Israeli commandos. His subsequent verbal clashes with BBC’s HardTalk hosts took mainstream TV to a whole new level.

Last 15 minutes: Libertarian activist Rolf Lindgren discusses the Stephen Avery case, the subject of the movie Making a Murderer.

2 Thoughts to “Ken O’Keefe: We’ve met the enemy, ISIS is US!”

  1. Anonymous

    It's the same old story: If you want to know who did it, ask: Who benefited?

    Maybe it's time for a truly and uniquely "American" Revolution. By this I mean that the revolution would have to fit the needs and abilities of the American people. As such, it would have to be "non-violent", because any form of "violence" or disruption, or naughtiness is absolutely unthinkable to the American people. (They look to Gandhi, but forget that he had 99% of the people with him against a small foreign occupation force. Any dissident here would have 99% of the population against him and the government, corporations, and elites.) They have been so brain-washed over the years to do nothing more that write their congressman, hold hands and sing Kumbaya, or at most, sit down and wait to be sprayed with tear gas, beat over the head, and arrested. It would have to be a revolution of the heart and mind. A revolution that would wipe away any thought of patriotism being good and noble, or even "natural". If this revolution could be accomplished, then there would be no need for any violence to wipe away the government, corporations, etc.

  2. We need a world political party which rejects the rule of money.
    Rejects political correctness and labels like facsist, communist, socialist etc and instead and values reason and open debate.
    Rejects persecution of those who disagree with the narrative of history as told by the winners.
    Seeks to understand other cultures and affords them the right to progress at their own pace.
    Does not believe in aggressive warfare.
    Understands that people who push for wars do so for personal reasons and often engineer the circumstances on which these decisions are based.
    Values the culture that made the west great and seeks to nuture those things.
    Believes that a nation can only be of benefit when it is strong itself, this includes a measured and reasonable immigration policy, and no more.
    Gives freedom to religions to maintain their traditions exhortations and prohibitions so long as they maintain that we should try to respect all people even if we disagree with them, and never to do any violence.

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