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Brandon Martinez on Charlie Hebdo anniversary false flag, Dr. John Morrow on Saudis vs. Iran

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First hour: Brandon Martinez, author of The ISIS Conspiracy and contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino, discusses the latest apparent false flag – staged yesterday, January 7th, the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo PR stunt. According to reports, a homeless man printed out an ISIS flag on a computer, put on a “fake suicide vest” (an old t-shirt stuffed with toilet paper?), and rushed a police station waving a knife while yelling “Allahu akbar.” He was then summarily shot down. Had he been captured alive, might he have turned out to be an MK-ULTRA victim acting under hypnosis…like Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley Jr., and others?

The likely motive for this false flag: Discredit Palestinian resistance fighters, some of whom have wielded knives against IDF & settler terrorists in a desperate effort at self-defense against genocide. Uniformed Zionist terrorists have responded by randomly throwing down knives at the feet of innocent Palestinians – including children – and then shooting them dead.  See:
Video Shows Israeli Soldier Planting Knife On Terrified Palestinian School Girl!

Second hour: Dr. John Morrow, the Islamic Studies scholar who is spearheading the Covenants Initiative to publicize Muslims’ duty to protect Christians, joins us to discuss rising tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the wake of recent Saudi beheadings, including the murder of peaceful opposition activist Sheikh Nimr. See my article Saudi Head-choppers Are Worse than ISIS and my Press TV debate with Zionist flack and friend-of-Saudi-Arabia Kenneth Katzman.

11 Thoughts to “Brandon Martinez on Charlie Hebdo anniversary false flag, Dr. John Morrow on Saudis vs. Iran”

  1. Anonymous

    Gather in one place a large number of desperate opportunistic cretins, who are poor spiritually and materialistically, who walk around convinced they are holier-than-thou, and you get a nightmarish situation.

    Israel is an example of a concentration of such people, that's the jewish version. ISIS is the muslim version of such people. Both are manipulated by the same masters.

    No shortage of cretins begging to be used, to say the least.

  2. Anonymous

    Marrow piece: Reminds me of Malcolm X's comment about King talking about little black children and little white children holding hands (Let little black children learn to hold little black children's hands first). Or something like that. Lets start protecting/defending Muslims first, and speaking up for them, and countering the propaganda war against them.

    I think that before we start discussing politics, we should all brush up on our Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Rebecca Roth, Michael Parenti, Bonnie Faulkner, Alison Weir, Jeremy Scahill, Kevin Barrett, Gregory Noory, Friedrich Nietzsche, Helen Caldicott, Naomi Wolf, Henry Giroux, Edward Said,  Vandana Shiva, Gore Vidal, Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi, Joel Wallach, Arundhati Roy, not to mention Poncho Threetrees, etc. (If we are to have any chance at all, we must look to alternative authors, books, websites, etc.; instead of the status quo propaganda outlets that keep us ignorant and wrong.)
    If everyone in this country (who ISN'T fooled by the Conservative, Right Wing, Fascist, Corporate agenda that we have been on for as long as anyone can remember) would just write one email, email flyer, or email chain letter, etc. every week, to a few friends, relatives, enemies, or someone and send 1 or 2 dollars every month to some organization that is trying to do something in the effort to wake up the naive citizens, maybe something would change, and we can reverse the idiocies mentioned in Thomas Frank's “What's The Matter With Kansas”. IT WOULD BE A START! Remember: It's not “Speaking truth to power”. It's “Speaking truth about power”, covertly or anonymously. (C.Y.A.)

  3. Anonymous

    Here below are examples (wikipedia) of some operations when the CIA, american diplomats…etc went around the globe, harvesting the destitute opportunistic hungry idiots to make them "citizens of israel" :

    _ Operation Magic Carpet, 1949-1950, Yemen.
    _ Operation Ezra and Nehemiah, 1951-1952, Iraq.
    _ Operation Mural, 1961, Morocco.
    _ Operation Yachin, 1961-1964, Morocco.
    _ Operation Moses, 1984, Sudan.
    _ Operation Joshua, 1985, Ethiopia, Sudan.
    _ Operation Solomon, 1991, Ethiopia.

    Why ?. Because poor-desperate-cretin people have always been a tyrant's best friend : they will do his dirty work for peanuts, while thinking they are privileged.

    That is not to say that there aren't beautiful decent likable people who happen to have been born in israel or deceived into immigrating there.

    It is a human problem, not a jewish, american, muslim, european, arab…etc problem.

  4. The difference is that the Israelis are working for Israel and ISIS is working for the Americans. Look at who benefits. Muslims don't benefit from ISIS. Only America and Israel benefit from ISIS. This is what this website is trying to get across to the people. Look at who benefits, and that is who is behind it.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I really appreciated the dicussion you had on Putin with Brandon Martinez.

    In case you haven't yet, I think it would be great for your listeners to have some
    big names interviewed by yourself on this subject.

    (see below email I recd by Wayne Madsen who differs on this subject)

    I'm thirsting for people like Wayne Madsen, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Dale Scott, Thierry Meyssan, Mahdi Nazaemroya, Michel Chossudovsky, Tony Cartalucci, Webster Tarpley
    to talk about the arguments the Brandon raises but sadly I haven't been able to see nor read
    material from these folks on this matter.

    Below Madsen responds to my question as to why he thinks Putin is keeping quiet on 9/11 being an inside job, and RT's dropping of 9/11 Truth in the past few years.

    Wayne Madsen writes:

    I believe Putin, if he was translated correctly and not erroneously as was done with both Chavez and Ahmadinejad constantly, did not want to be painted into a perceived fringe corner. I believe the Chechen theater and apartment attacks were false flags against him carried out by the exiled Russian Jewish oligarchs who used Chechen terrorists as their "muscle" in Moscow.

  6. I think Brandon's point is that while Putin may be engaging in realpolitik and the moral compromises that come with it, those of us in the "free and independent" alternative journalism community shouldn't do that. And though you're right that Chechen Islamists made a terrible mistake when some of them began targeting civilians, what you're ignoring is that: (1) yes, Chechnya has every right to self-determination and (2) Russia committed vastly more terrorism (targeting civilians) than any Chechans ever did…just a fraction of the off-the-charts-scale terrorism and atrocities committed along the southern rim of of Russia/USSR during the past few centuries of imperial expansion into Muslim lands.

    So I think Brandon is at least partly right, and I appreciate his voice being in the mix. At the same time I would give RT and Putin B+ grades for their overall efforts, given real-world constraints.

  7. Again, you did a great job handling some of his dogmatism on your show. But I think you may have missed some of Martinez's other more irrational videos.

    ➥ Martinez is on record comparing the plight of the Chechen's who their government, an actual military, with fighting units, armored vehicles, tanks, and fighter jets … to the plight of rock-throwing, makeshift-nail-rocket lobbing Palestinians who are struggling to not be fucking ERASED from their lands and history itself.
    ➥ He's on record declaring the Crimea's re-annexation by Russia an illegal aggressive act … and the vote carried out under the threat Russian bayonets … while using Kosovo (irrespective of the forced ethnic cleansing of Serbs, the bombardment and occupation by NATO, and war crimes of the KLA) as the model for how a partition/succession should have been done.
    ➥ His site is overflowing with Anti-Putin propaganda documentaries from 'Journeyman Pictures' a London based propaganda outlet for 'CNN International.'
    ➥ Reporting from notorious anti-Russia propaganda outlets like 'Ukraine Today'
    ➥ Calling Putin a pedophile (because he kissed a child in public???).
    ➥ On the one hand perpetuating spurious equivocation and 'logical fallacies' (like the Chechnya Palestinians comparison noted above).
    ➥ And on the other, reporting on Russia's transgressions while ignoring/white-washing others. For example his Brandon's reporting on Russia's "Troll Factory" operations … declaring them an "an outrage" … while neglecting to mention that Russia is a relative late-comer and neophyte to this Internet Trolling cyber-war tactic … and that their meager budget of appx. $10 million, pales in comparison to sums the US, UK, Israel, and China allocate for exactly the same purposes.

    Calling Putin Pro Israel? without explaining Putin's defiance of Israel's plans to topple the Syrian regime? To destroy ISIS whose fighters are receiving medical assistance from Israel (even personal visits at the infirmary by Bibi). Or Putin's strong-arming the Russian Jewish oligarchs, stripping some of their holdings, jailing some, ostricizing some, and reigning in the rest. Or Putin's shutting down of Jewish run media, NGOs, and think tanks. Are there any other leaders in the world that have done such things to Jewish interests?

    Brandon is dumbstruck by Putins willingness to meet with Israeli rabbies, oligarchs, and leaders in public (even after manhandling them behind closed doors). Brandon see's the passing a few lame laws (that actually support Russia's WWII narrative anyway) as "proof positive" that Putin is "pro-Israel". He sees Putin returning loan (money he took from Russian Jewish oligarchs) to the original financiers (Rothschilds) as even more proof that Putin is pro-Israel … oblivious to the fact that those are face saving diplomatic moves by Putin, meant to ameliorate embarrassment on the part of Jewish leaders. They cost Putin nothing and help calm things down. Its like throttling someone like rag-doll and then dusting him off after. It happens all the time in power politics. A great example is when US President LBJ grabbed Canadian PM Pearson by the shirt collar and said "You pissed on my rug". Some leaders are not to be messed with lightly. Putin is one of the. He doesn't care about Assad. He doesn't care about Israel. He is for Russia first and foremost. That's obvious even to his detractors. The biggest of which are Jews.

    But not so for Brandon Martinez … and all for what? To what end? When Does that sound like 'objective reporting' or "free and independent" alternative journalism anyone?

    When it comes to Russia … that's quite the 'Hack Job from' young Brandon and his so-called "Non-Aligned Media".

  8. Martinez comes off a like a petulant child in his criticisms of Putin (and those that support him as a leader on the global stage). He's as pedantic in his (irrational) criticisms of Putin .. as any of the people he claims are "worshiping him" (what respectable alternative media source worships anybody?).
    Putin is engaged in realpolitik … and not driven by an ideological (US) … or theological (Israel) codex. What the fuck does Brandon want Putin to do, declare Israel an enemy? Say he neutralized the Rothschild-backed Russian Oligarchs *'because they're Jewish*? Let Chechen Islamists get away with kidnapping, military strikes, and terrorizing Russian populations because they want/have the right to secede? Abandon Ukraine's massive ethnic Russian population in the east and let the US-backed Junta in Kiev cost Russia their critical Navy base in Crimea? In his constant barrage against Putin and Russia … Brandon becomes the quintessential useful idiot for Zionists … parroting their talking points per the MSM … while never seeing the inside of one of an MSM studio. Now that's ironic.

    *Brandon Martinez:* "Putin has done a lot of Evil"
    *What leader of a regional/global/local power hasn't … you obtuse little pencil-neck joker?* And as for RT not letting any critics of Putin on … clearly Brandon has never watched CrossTalk. And yes RT, is more passive when it comes to holding Israel's feet to the fire … but they Abbey Martin doing that for years before she moved, according to her, of her own accord.
    You held his feet to the fire Mr. Barrett … and gave some sage advice. Well done sir.

  9. I've been told by an inside source that Putin has supposedly turned against Bibi and the hardline Zionists during the past few months. We'll see…meanwhile, I'm glad to see how much conversation Brandon is stirring up!

  10. According to some insiders in Golden Dawn in Greece. That relationship started to go south in a serious way back in Nov. of 2013 when Bibi was making his rounds trying to stir up support against the P5+1 deal. Putin was not moved by Bibi's arguments. It got progressively worse after that … right up to the latest meeting between the two in Sep. of 2015 (regarding Russia's entry in the Syrian conflict).
    Once again Putin brushed aside Bibi's claims about the Syrian regime trying to hurt Israel as unfounded:

    Quote: "We know that the Syrian army and Syria as a whole are in such a state that they have no time for a second front. They need to save their own state," Putin told Netanyahu in televised comments. "But still, I understand your concerns."

    As for Brandon Martinez: Suffice to say, there are different ways to "stir up" conversations. Not all are equal in value-add.

    You have have a good year sir.
    I appreciate your work.

  11. Anonymous

    A documentary about the appartment bombings in Ryazan-Russia of 1999, blamed on the chechens :

    False flag terrorism, as Noam Chomsky would put it : "Old wine, New bottles".

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