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Ole Dammegard: The same “traveling terror troupe” did Paris, San Bernadino, and other false flags

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Ole Dammegard says “all the world’s a stage – for false flag terror.” He argues that the same traveling terror troupe of bad actors staged the Paris and San Bernadino shootings, as well as many of the biggest “war on terror” PR stunts—including the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen attacks last winter.

In this interview, Ole discusses the overwhelming evidence of foreknowledge preceding the Paris event–not just the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine’s prediction of two big Paris false flags in 2015 with the biggest one on 11/13/15, but also social media and Wikipedia postings clearly done by the perps themselves – a group that includes French President Hollande and/or his handlers and scriptwriters. For example, here is a tweet from two days before the attacks, along with an al-Jazeera “debunking.” (Note that the ISIS-funding Emir of Qatar is the biggest owner of Lagardiére, the “media spectacle staging company” that bought the Bataclan from ultra-Zionist Jews on September 11th, 2015.)

If you believe this “debunking,” I have a random-headline-merging bot to sell you

 Ole also argues that a detailed Wikipedia entry was apparently posted prematurely by the event’s scriptwriters – just as the report of the “collapse” of World Trade Center 7 was reported early.

Did Wikipedia post details of the attacks too quickly – including reporting Hollande’s speech 40 minutes before it happened?

It’s time to round up these “bad actors” whose staged PR stunts have led to the murder of millions…a crime wave that will continue as long as they keep getting away with it.

One Thought to “Ole Dammegard: The same “traveling terror troupe” did Paris, San Bernadino, and other false flags”

  1. Anonymous

    So many things I want to say, but with all the drama, mayhem, and charged atmosphere you have certainly witnessed in the course of attending your event in France, or being turned from 'Your' book event in Canada , or just living your life being out in the vehicle with your dog. I remember you sharing that incident as a guest on someone else's show, feeling as if you had been beamed with some directed energy weapon, I'm hearing in the background from Meet the Press a comment on how well Cristy is doing in New Hampshire right now. He is best qualified to start the End Times War. I have to turn it off. —— I just now put your interview with John Friend as background for the comments I want to share on my review of cable news programs over the past few days. I don't own a TV and am living in a motel on a week to week basis right now. It so happens this motel has a fairly good package of channels through DISH NETWORK, allowing me to gauge the level of discussion on current events. I was really hoping to find a crack in the wall of the on-going foreign policy disaster, which Andrew Bacevich described recently as a path to utter collective suicide. —— A Poli-Sci Professor from Seaton Hall and the under secretary of defense and the cast of officials filling the usual roster of Sunday morning pundit shows pissed me off with the first words out of their mouths. As you just commented minutes ago, the same "childish platitudes" that want to make your head explode. ——- Listening to the HUNT interview now on VT radio. This one is a keeper. —— The five books I'm reading right now from my thrift store treasures of the past month are : Secret History of the American Empire-Perkins Warriors @ Suez- Donald Neff Nemesis- Chalmers Johnson The Limits of Power- Bacevich Humanity–The Chimpanzees who would be Ants–Russell Merle Genet Also found a book by Willis Harman. Lastly, I wish we had the same talented LAWYERS that sent Olmert to prison. They get convictions on one hundredth the budget than us.

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