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I will speak on Paris terror attacks in Duluth, Minnesota Thursday evening

Thursday, December 3rd
7 pm
Zeitgeist Arts
222 E. Superior St.
Duluth, MN

I will speak on the forthcoming sequel to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo. The working title is ANOTHER French False Flag? Free Thinkers Question the 11/13 Paris Attacks.

For more information, see: 

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 

False Flag Islamophobia Conference in Paris, France this December 12th

GoFundMe page for Paris conference

New book to be published 1/1/2016

6 Thoughts to “I will speak on Paris terror attacks in Duluth, Minnesota Thursday evening”

  1. No question mark!
    It was indeed a government operation for political reasons and gains! They did not have to investigate as they do normally in CRIME MATTERS, and like in all FALSE FLAGS they knew every detail of the operation right from day one – BECAUSE THEY CARRIED IT OUT with Israel always in the background!

  2. Anonymous

    I know that is is very naughty of me, and I do feel ashamed of myself, but I can't help bu believe that maybe our problem isn't the government, or the corporations, or Muslim terrorists, etc. It's the people. Their "sweetness", "goodness", faith and love for their "country", is what makes possible all or the "Shit" that is heaped upon us. It makes possible false-flag operations, lies, ignoring of issues like 0 population, lack of some sort of "Socialized" medicine and education, and so on. If the people were not so quick to believe in the government, talking media heads, etc., maybe the the powers would stop their nonsense and just collect their fat payoffs and be happy with their prostitutes, campaign donations, etc. and leave us alone to get on as best we can. In this day and age, no one has the right to be naive, stupid and ignorant.

  3. Anonymous


    sitting in Europe (like you, only permanently), it's been fairly easy for me to smell the proverbial fish this fall season.

    1. England, France etc set up the Syrian war campaign (with NATO/Israel/Saudi).
    2. NATO–Turkey was chosen to be first buyers of the NATO–ISIS oil stolen from Syria, financing NATO–ISIS.
    3. NATO–Turkey naturally received the most refugees from the multi–year Syrian war, but artificially expelled said refugees suddenly to Europe.
    4. NATO's manifactured refugee crisis was artificially (under central NATO pressure) welcomed by Merkel and other mainstream politicians.
    5. NATO–ISIS supposedly attacks Paris (although most likely European mercenaries + muslim patsies), jazzing up islamophobia immensely.
    6. NATO–England, –France, –Germany etc solidarity–forced (supposedly) to send bombers to Syria to fight NATO–ISIS, before Paris crime solved.
    7. Far–right parties in all of NATO–Europe immensely jazzed up in polls, winning elections in NATO–France, because of stronger islamophobia.

    This 7–point list seems to have been in works since at least 2009 with then French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas being invited to join England in staging a rebel invasion, 2 years before civil war broke out in 2011.

    While the main motive may be oil pipelines (and thus a need for regime change in Damascus), NATO also seems to want more "state of emergency" politics with military lockdowns like in Paris and Brussels, and more power to right–wing political parties, during an economic recession. Taken together with the slightly more overt attempts to lock–in Europe in anti–democratic 'free trade' agreements like TISA and TTIP, an all–out NATO war on European democracy may be a rather prominent side–show to the genocidal atrocities in Syria.

    My guess is Pentagon wants authoritarian proto–nazi parties to take over Europe, as long as they're pro–US & pro–Israel, of course. The US seems to be waging a 2–front war on European democracy, with one front being the lower–class racists voting for the far–right parties after 2015's and the coming months' major False Flag attacks in Western Europe (blamed on NATO–ISIS/refugees), and the other front being the white–colour attorneys/negotiators secretly making all of Europe a de–facto colony of America, with US corporate rules effectively outlawing European food–security, environental standards and social policies through their new system of secret courts with pro–business judges, creating an extra–legal and non–democratic judicial system for all of Europe.

    In a nutshell: The US is fed–up with Europe still being partly democratic, and they now want this situation to end, using every tool in the box.

  4. Anonymous

    Kevin-This is so important that I can only say "we are so lucky to have a Kevin Barrett ready to actually risk his life to get this truth out to the world".
    Give the lying, despicable, murdering scum HELL!
    I have become a cynical misanthrope but I still have some hope for this world because of knowing you.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree 100% Thank God for Kevin Barrett!!! There are a few others out there like Kevin and Mike Rivero. We need to support them and spread their posts around via other websites, I try to re-post to Craigslist,, truth dig, etc., as often as i can etc.

    I think that before we start discussing politics, we should all brush up on our Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Rebecca Roth, Michael Parenti, Bonnie Faulkner, Alison Weir, Jeremy Scahill, Kevin Barrett, Gregory Noory, Friedrich Nietzsche, Helen Caldicott, Naomi Wolf, Henry Giroux, Edward Said,  Vandana Shiva, Gore Vidal, Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi, Joel Wallach, Arundhati Roy, not to mention Poncho Threetrees, etc. (If we are to have any chance at all, we must look to alternative authors, books, websites, etc.; instead of the status quo propaganda outlets that keep us ignorant and wrong.)
    If everyone in this country (who ISN'T fooled by the Conservative, Right Wing, Fascist, Corporate agenda that we have been on for as long as anyone can remember) would just write one email, email flyer, or email chain letter, etc. every week, to a few friends, relatives, enemies, or someone and send 1 or 2 dollars every month to some organization that is trying to do something in the effort to wake up the naive citizens, maybe something would change, and we can reverse the idiocies mentioned in Thomas Frank's “What's The Matter With Kansas”. IT WOULD BE A START! Remember: It's not “Speaking truth to power”. It's “Speaking truth about power”, covertly or anonymously. (C.Y.A.)

  6. This is the first time since the Vietnam war that I have seen anyone put such an article on a site that is read by more than 10 people.

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