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FFWN: Million man march for (9/11) “Justice or Else”!



PSA: Million Man March to expose 9/11 this weekend in Washington DC.
US slams Putin for fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria
1) Russian Air Force hits 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days ‘significantly’ damaging militants
2) Brzezinski to Putin: Stop hitting OUR al-Qaeda or it’s World War III
4) Four Russian warships fire 26 cruise missiles at ISIS targets
5) Video of Russian ships launching missiles from Caspian Sea
8) Russia’s “red lines” were crossed in Syria
11) Moscow ready for contact with phantom Free Syrian Army
14) Nigel Farage denounces provoking Putin
18) Who gave NATO the right to kill Gaddafi?
Crimes of Zion
21) Israeli jets strike Gaza after rocket fire pinned on Hamas
22) 13-year-old Abdulrahman “Abdo” Shadi Obeidallah: Shot dead in a school
24) Over 90,000 Palestinians arrested by Israel since 2000
US bombs Doctors Without Borders
31) Hospital could not have been bombed “by accident”
TPP: A step towards NWO
34) TPP–Dirtiest trade deal you’ve never heard of
Oregon shooting: Another false flag?
37) Umpqua shooting another staged event
39) Using Sandy Hook footage covering Oregon fake shooting
41) Oregon high school shooting complete fake
42) Oregon fake shooting to cover-up real news
The motive: Towards a gun-grab?
49) Politifact debunks Obama’s lies about mass shootings
Political theater (of the absurd)
54) Jim Hightower: Carly Fiorina – a flagrant liar for president
Homeland tyranny
Odds and ends

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  1. Anonymous

    I would really much rather not know!
    So I won’t tune in to your show.
    If I knew what you knew
    All my hair would turn blue.
    That’s why I won’t listen to you.

  2. Since you know what you don’t want to know,
    You must have tuned in to my show.
    Your hair’s already blue
    So it’s too late to do
    Anything about that. Please don’t sue.

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