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Ellen Brown: Let’s put the banksters out of business!

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Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution, says the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill – which supposedly rescinded the 2008 bankster bailout – was actually designed to drive smaller banks and credit unions out of business on behalf of Goldman-Sachs and the rest of the NWO cartel. And unfortunately, it is succeeding. Check out her new article:

Killing Off Community Banks — Intended Consequence of Dodd-Frank?

In this interview we discuss philosophical and spiritual issues concerning money and how it works; the looming bankruptcy of the Western Bankster Empire and whether it will happen sooner rather than later; and strategies for resisting the totalitarian New World Order bankster dictatorship that is taking shape all around us. Since the Deep State crimes and conspiracies discussed on this show are largely financed by a banking cartel that has a license to create as much money as it wants out of thin air, it seems that the magic bullet against them is to end the banksters’ monopoly on currency and make the whole system public and transparent.

Ellen suggests that working for public banks at the state level may be the most effective approach…so that when the big crash finally happens, and public banking becomes the only available solution, there will be something in place to build on.

4 Thoughts to “Ellen Brown: Let’s put the banksters out of business!”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,
    Great show with Ellen Brown!

    This is a topic that I find highly fascinating; something I've been trying to figure out for years.

    I know the "skeleton" structure but the fine details? That's the question. I'm the type of person who needs to know how something works, completely … from end to end … and/but I just can't quite figure out the fine details of HOW TO create an alternate money system.

    So I'm going to offer some thoughts here for your perusal and consideration … without saying that these are facts. I really DO want to LEARN more about it and I think it would be great if you had more "money experts" on your show … in order to explore possibilities.

    As you may know, back in the great depression of the 1930's, there were SEVERAL attempts made, here in Canada … to circumvent the action of the big money machine. One of them was the Social Credit movement and another was … creation of the BANK OF CANADA.

    If you read that wikipedia article, you'll see that they addressed the very same issues that we're talking about today. "Protocols from the Elders of Zion" and "conspiracy of Jewish bankers."

    It was probably BECAUSE of the Social Credit preachings by William Aberhart in the early 1930's that the government of Canada saw enough light to create Canada's own government run Bank. The Bank of Canada (BoC) was established in 1934, under the Prime Ministership of R.B. Bennett.

    The BoC operated successfully until around 1972, when, (I understand) Pierre Elliot Trudeau -the new Jesuit-trained Prime Minister of Canada- was convinced by the international bankers to borrow from THEM … in order to partake freely in world trade. After 1972, Canada increasingly ran higher and higher deficits every year and put Canada into a very significant debt burden which continues and grows to this very day.

    Social Credit became a political party and -while never gaining Federal power- won provincial election in Alberta in 1935 and stayed in office until 1971 when it was defeated by the Progressive Conservatives under the leadership of Peter Lougheed who's mantra was "CHANGE." (1971-2 … all coincidence?)

    Not much is (now) known about Social Credit but they DID issue money in Alberta. It was dubbed, "funny money."

    I asked my Mother-in-law about it, years ago … since she'd actually had some and used it … and she just shrugged and said that yeah … it was ok … but it was a bit strange. It had to be spent within a certain time frame or it would expire!

    I always wondered about the reason for an expiration date but putting it together with a lot of other clues, here's what I've sort of concluded as a possible reason.

    As Ellen Brown stated, money is like a flow of water or electricity. It's GENERATED by the work of people and it flows around in a circuit, doing useful work. But, to be real, it must have a starting point and a destination. Electricity flows from the negative plates in a battery to the positive plates discharging the battery, doing work in the circuit, carrying the current. Then the battery has to be charged by reversing the flow to it.

  2. Anonymous


    n weather, water starts from the ocean … is evaporated and carried to land where it falls, creating rivers which flow back to the ocean, doing work along the way … and then weather again, has to "recharge" that circuit.

    FOOD … has a starting point and an expiration point. It can't be saved indefinitely; it has to be eaten or thrown out. When it's eaten, it provides energy to do work.

    So everything natural … MUST have a creation date and an expiry date.

    When you think about the simpler type of money -the personal cheque- it too has a tangible expiration date. Cash it in 30 days or it becomes dead unless there's a reactivation.

    And then, if you consider an even simpler form of promisory note, it would be an IOU.

    IOU's could easily function as money.

    What is the essence of an IOU? It's a recorded PROMISE … for future remuneration.

    So, like … if you were to happen to hire me to do a job for you, you could write me an IOU. I could take that IOU and give it to someone else for some good or service -if they TRUSTED it to be valid and a real promise from you- to PAY for it. They in turn might pass that on to a fourth party and so on … as long as everyone TRUSTED Kevin to make good on the promise.

    Yet, ultimately, within some time period, someone would actually have to RETURN that IOU to you and get something tangible from you … to pay off the IOU. If no one ever did that … why, you would be dead and gone and have no WAY of paying out the actual value in actual goods or services!~

    The same holds true for cheques (or did, anyway). People could add their own signature to a cheque and pass it on to a third party for payment but … within a reasonable time period, the cheque would have to return to the issuer and be paid out and cancelled in actual value.

    I think that this is a problem with money: no expiration date!

    Without an expiration date, there is no way of verifying the real value … and allows for counterfeiting and inflation.

    If I were to be good at counterfeiting, I could give you a pile of my own created money to pay for goods and services and no one would ever be the wiser or experience any loss … because money is simply a confidence game. Everyone BELIEVES that it's valid and therefore it works.

    And so …

    Money is a promisary system and a confidence system. As long as it gets people working … it achieves its role … whether or not it has any tangible value or not.

    Because it's a promisary system, it's not a "real time" payment (like barter) … but rather, a PROJECTED promise into the FUTURE.

    This futuristic aspect is also a big problem with money that never expires (or gets cashed in) … because it reflects no CURRENT value but rather, a projected value.

    Now, when you think of projecting money …

    A bank issues a loan. As soon as the loan is signed, it becomes an ASSET to the bank (as a future promise to return that value in labour or goods) … against which, they then issue MORE loans! This is a kind of Ponzi scheme where loans are stacked against loans to the nth degree … all based on expectation of fulfilled promises.

    As long as an economy keeps flourishing and "growing" … the scheme CAN work. Everyone becomes furiously busy working and producing and by gum … they all manage to pay BACK what they borrowed! The money supply has truly grown (and yet, who GETS that money?)

    So a heated economy actually produces the juice that initially all starts off as being borrowed against the future.

    But what if that projected borrowing gets totally out of hand and bizarre? It becomes gambling, doesn't it?

  3. Anonymous

    Well I was very intently listening to Ellen Brown, until she started to sniff chemtrails.

  4. Anonymous

    The gold that was supposedly taken from the WTC. If true — if gold was taken from the WTC, is there an "entity" (aka zionist) hoarding gold? There was a recent a strange article on RT about the Indian PM asking people to relinquish their control of gold. My suspicious and unresearched theory would be this. The banking and money supply of most countries is controlled by a single entity out of England. That at some point the value of currencies will implode because they are not backed by anything — definitely not precious metals and seemingly not on credit. If the worlds currencies implode the winners will be the ones holding on to gold because there will be a push to back newly issued systems of currencies by a precious metal. There are other indications that there is hoarding of gold also.

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