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Andre Vltchek on 50th anniversary of CIA’s Indonesian holocaust

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Andre Vltchek reports on the “Horrid carcass of Indonesia – 50 years after the coup.”

Most Americans are unaware that CIA thugs murdered between two and three million Indonesians in the 1965 coup that overthrew Sukarno and installed the puppet dictator Suharto. Young Barry Obama was living in Indonesia at the time – and his mother and stepfather were working for the people who were perpetrating the holocaust.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of that genocide – or “intellicide,” since it killed most of the country’s intelligentsia.

The perps’ m.o. was simple: The CIA gave their thugs lists of names of alleged troublemakers. The thugs would torture their victims to death, elicit names of new potential victims, torture those victims to death, elicit names of new victims, and on and on. By the time it was done, millions were dead – tortured to death by America’s own CIA.

Today, Indonesia is a basket case – dumbed down to the point of imbecility, lousy economy, resources gone, dysfunctional infrastructure, colonized by multinational corporations, massive gap between rich and poor…and the genocides continue as the Indonesian military eradicates the peoples of Papua. For America leaders such as Hillary Clinton, this is a “model of liberal, moderate Islam.” For everyone else, it is a yet another reason to destroy the New World Order by any means necessary or die in the attempt.

One Thought to “Andre Vltchek on 50th anniversary of CIA’s Indonesian holocaust”

  1. Andre Vltchek sounded like if he was describing the country depicted in the movie 'Idiocracy' (2006). I used to often state very proudly that "Indonesia is the biggest muslim country in the world". Now my attitude will be like : "indonesia ?!. What's that ?.".

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