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Reflections from Nazi HQ @BerlinWall

SS/Gestapo headquarters: The Topography of Terror museum, adjacent to the Berlin Wall

by Kevin Barrett, reporting from Berlin

I just visited “the most historically contaminated site on earth” (with the possible exception of New York’s Ground Zero): The Topography of Terror Museum on the site of the Third Reich’s Main Security Office, headquarters for the SS and Gestapo. The museum is adjacent to the biggest remaining section of the Berlin Wall.

The Terror Museum and Berlin Wall exhibits, like New York’s 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero, focus relentlessly on real and imagined crimes of “our” enemies, while ignoring or whitewashing the much greater crimes that “we” have committed and are still committing. Monuments to intellectual cowardice and victors’ history, such exhibits pay unconscious tribute to the might-makes-right principle epitomized by the Nazis, “our” nightmare enemy and shadow self.

The exhibits at the Topography of Terror museum relentlessly drive home a supremely ironic lesson: The Nazis used carefully-crafted psychological operations, mostly focused on demonizing real or alleged enemies, to engineer consent and mobilize majority support. The Museum seems oblivious to the way today’s West has become a topography of terror beyond the dreams of Hitler or the nightmares of Orwell – using precisely the same Nazi techniques that were pioneered by Karl Schmitt, brought to the USA by Leo Strauss, and imposed on the whole West, and much of the world, after the American Reichstag Fire of September 11th, 2001.

The Topography of Terror museum reminds us that here, in the basement of SS/Gestapo headquarters, thousands of “disappeared” people were tortured and/or extrajudicially executed. Meanwhile, all over the world, today’s Fourth Reich – led by the US government and other vassals of the international bankers – disappears, tortures, and extrajudicially executes people with impunity, thanks to the State of Emergency triggered by the 9/11 Reichstag Fire. Yet the museum fails to inform visitors that they, as citizens of Western nations, are complicit in these Nazi-style crimes.

In today’s triumphalist West, the cruel, unethical, non-consensual human experimentation of the Nazi Doctors is universally deplored. Yet similarly atrocious experiments, using the latest in electronic weapons, continue with active or tacit support of Western governments – as documented by the Covert Harassment Conference in which I am participating. Dr. Mengele, eat your heart out.

Like the exhibits focusing on the crimes of the Nazis, those documenting the horrors of the Berlin Wall are triumphalist monuments to history written by the victors. “Hooray for us, we beat the evil Nazis. Hooray for us, we beat the evil Communists. Please ignore the holocausts of Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the millions of innocent Germans slaughtered by Allied occupiers, the genocide of the Palestinians, the sixty million people murdered since World War II by US military and CIA ‘interventions’…”

The tourists ogling what’s left of the Berlin Wall seem to think that in today’s world – or at least in today’s West – all the walls are down. Tell that to the ten million refugees from the West’s 9/11-driven Terror Wars who are trying to scale the walls of Fortress Europe and being beaten back. And tell that to the Palestinians, who have to deal daily with sadistic, murderous Zionist psychopaths at checkpoints that make Cold War era Checkpoint Charlie look tame if not downright friendly.

The Berlin Wall, in its heyday, symbolized the unfreedom of those who know they are unfree. Everyone who gazed upon it, in real life or in pictures, knew exactly what it meant. Today, New York’s Unfreedom Tower symbolizes a new, more insidious unfreedom: The unfreedom of those who haven’t the slightest idea how unfree they actually are…and have no interest in finding out.

The new Berlin Walls are invisible. They are built by successors to Edward Bernays. Rather than walling off portions of cities, they wall off certain thoughts, or potential thoughts, within our minds.

On the plane ride from New York to Berlin, I made the acquaintance of an intelligent and generally open-minded German lawyer. We discussed a number of “difficult” subjects, including 9/11 truth and the Covert Harassment Conference. But when I mentioned that my False Flag Weekly News co-host Jim Fetzer was unable to attend the Conference for fear he would be arrested as a Holocaust revisionist, her response was an angry outburst: “He should be arrested!” My attempt to gently turn the conversation toward a dispassionate consideration of Holocaust revisionism got nowhere. On that one subject, at least, even such a bright and free-thinking German seemed to be imprisoned behind an invisible Berlin Wall of the Mind.

The Berlin Wall protecting the Holocaust from scrutiny isn’t entirely invisible. When a German attempts to scale the wall and enter forbidden territory, he or she is kidnapped, incarcerated, and put on trial for thoughtcrime. But as the Topography of Terror exhibits show, it is mass mind control, not physical force, that serves as the primary instrument of totalitarian societies and enables their worst crimes against humanity.

And that is why the Covert Harassment Conference is so important. Courageous whistleblowers have made it abundantly clear that we are about to enter a new era – if we haven’t entered it already – in which covert electronic weaponry and invisible mind-control technology will create totalitarian gulag states that annihilate free will and turn humans into robotic slaves.

It is bad enough that Germans have been guilt-tripped and implanted with a subconscious taboo against questioning the history their conquerors imposed on them, so that an alarm goes off deep in their minds, triggering unbearable anxiety, when someone mentions holocaust revisionism.

Such “natural” mind-control techniques can be opposed and exposed. With heroic effort, individuals can fight through the anxiety, tear down their Inner Berlin Wall, enter the forbidden zone, and think freely.

But imagine that a sufficiently advanced technology can remotely read minds and trigger physical and emotional responses to certain thoughts. Imagine that whenever the subject begins to think about holocaust revisionism, a wave of unbearable anxiety, indistinguishable from the natural variety except more intense, is automatically triggered…and escalated until the subject’s thoughts turn away, at which point a remotely-triggered sense of relief is offered as a reward.

Such mind-control weapons would make certain thoughts literally unthinkable. By doing so, they would terminate freedom with extreme prejudice, thereby ending humanity as we know it.

Do the crowds of sheeple gazing at the Berlin Wall and Nazi HQ exhibits have the slightest inkling that the “free world” they inhabit is well along the road to being far more unfree than any totalitarian society that has ever existed?

Help preserve human freedom: Attend or support the Covert Harassment Conference

6 Thoughts to “Reflections from Nazi HQ @BerlinWall”

  1. Anonymous

    I listened to your old Red Ice interview, from back in 2013, "Truth Jihad: 911, World Government & Multiculturalism."

    What a great discussion!I have listened to you a lot over the past few years, so was not new to your styleof discourse. But this one was, to my mind, exceptional. You said many fine things,all honest, thoughtful, balanced and surprising. I know the "surprising" must soundstrange, but frankly one isn't often treated to such qualities nowadays. How refreshing! Glad to know you are going to the Berlin conference on covert harassment. Whata topic!

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent article Kevin. I love how you gave an example of that so called liberal, intelligent, intellectual bitch lol. Seriously time to expose these roosting chickens. Alot of people are blinded by their lies. Long Live Truth Jihad!

  3. Anonymous

    Despite its prosperity and power, West has been responsible for most of the wars in last century, most of deaths in those wars, consuming more than 160 million lives most invasions; including colonisations at a massive scale; most attacks on countries including attacks on civilians; the only nuclear attacks made on the surface of the earth; destruction of aborigines in big numbers; most deaths in Muslim countries including more than 1million in the last decade; deaths of at least 200 million foetuses in last 10 years; huge number of murders and rapes (one fourth to one half of women having experienced rapes) within their countries; huge alcohol and gambling related deaths; rising number of deaths related to AIDS; several million suicides (highest in the world); Western system has also led to behaviours leading to total disintegration of family system with up to 50 pc of abortion rates; up to 50 pc children born out of wedlock; at least 30 pc children living in single parent homes; ever increasing number of gay couples; Western system has also been responsible for huge increase in business related to sex, alcohol, gambling and organised violence; with huge effects on health, family and society; maximum damage to environment, causing massive damage; maximum economic disparity within the countries and among the countries; monopolisation of world resources; and stockpiling of weapons of massive destruction. Can anybody deny these facts? How can then West make even a small claim to civilisation?”
    -Javed Jamil

  4. Anonymous

    No doubt you saw the speech by Obama last night.
    That speech .. was the most disgusting, evil thing I've seen in a while, and it came from president of the so-called free world. A true sociopath, gaslighting 330 million people, lying to their faces about a thing so vicious … it is nearly incomprehensible. … no American president has ever so boldly deceived and exploited the public-at-large for so long… I can barely contain my seething rage. This is more of this malignancy revealing itself.

    I daresay it is time to strike. Whether this be by msm journalists, or by relentless flaming public posts, something substantially more than what it is at present.

    The shootings are annoying, the public reactions are maddening, but that speech … that was sickening, literally physically nauseating. A feeling of dread in the pit of the stomach.

    And it's all written in his face. The guilt is visibly obliterating him. And rightly it should.

    I know you take these things to heart more than most, which was why I reached out. But at this point, I don't know the correct course of action. I've been bombing Facebook with truth-posts for a month now, and no way to know if it's getting through. Lost plenty of fake friends and arch-liberals. We're getting into the thick of it.

    I look forward to Real America's reaction.

  5. Anonymous


    This is in regard to liberal, Democrat, progressive response to the Oregon "shooting."

    To me, it seems as if we are getting to a tipping point, not in our favor.

    They have absolutely no idea what the truth is.

    (A friend of mine, who I went to jail with in protest of the military at one time, now thinks I have gone over to the other side because I know the truth about Sandy Hook, etc.)

    If you will go to the Occupy Democrats Facebook page:

    Scroll to:

    -Stephen Colbert

    and below that, the post entitled:
    -Our Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves.

    and this recent ad:

    I don't see myself as a Republican, a conservative, or a gun nut. I see myself as pretty much the opposite of those.

    But it seems that liberals, Democrats, "progressives," would see me (us) as just that because we have gone to the trouble of finding out the truth about these false flag hoaxes.

    It is amazing.

    Just amazing.

    But this is what we are up against.

    It doesn't matter so much what people think of us, but I guess what is so interesting to me is how smart people have fallen for the ruse. They hear "Sandy Hook Hoaxers and Truthers" without bothering to do any research.


  6. I am a TI based in Montreal. I found very hard to prove the electronic harassment in my surroundings.

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