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James Petras on “Jewish superiority” & Zionism

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James Petras is one of America’s most erudite and accomplished sociologists. But ever since he wrote  The Power of Israel in the United States, Dr. Petras has become “too controversial” for those in the field who are easily intimidated. His latest article isn’t pulling any punches:

The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism

It begins:

“The single greatest feat of Israel and its overseas missions has not been material success, or the military conquest of millions of unarmed Palestinians, it has been ideological – the widespread acceptance in the US of a doctrine that claims ‘Jews are a superior people’.”

Have Zionists taken a page out of the Nazi playbook and promulgated the idea that Jews are a sort of “master race” ?  (They often do act like Nazis in Occupied Palestine.)

If the main argument for Jewish supremacism is the disproportionate number of highly accomplished Jews, how about the likewise disproportionate number whose “accomplishments” are destructive or downright evil? Have the many Jews who have done great things for the world done so because of their Jewishness? Or in spite of it? Why are these admirable Jews usually the least tribal, the least religious, and the least Zionist?

Gilad Atzmon says “Jewish power is the ability to suppress any discussion of Jewish power.” Consider James Petras – and Truth Jihad Radio – unsupressed.

One Thought to “James Petras on “Jewish superiority” & Zionism”

  1. Anonymous

    Enjoyed Petras interview on role of Israel in U.S.

    Noodling with hyp that Brits (perfide albion) are using Israel & KSA as operatives. Both formed by Brits at end of 19C, formalized early 20C, LoA (Lawrence of Arabia) Brit agent. Used by Brits as ploy to maintain global hegemony initially, but after empire broke up, now being used to try to maintain some sort of global hegemony.

    Jut a thought.

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