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FFWN: al-Qaeda’s a myth, ISIS is US



Truth from Afghanistan
1) Former Afghan President Karzai calls Al-Qaeda a ‘myth’
ISIS: Your Tax Dollars at Work
Russia, China & Iran vs. ISIS-US-Israel
11) Putin’s “master stroke” in Syria
Pope Invades US
Migrants Invade Europe
Repugnikins Invade Media
20) Trashing Trump Unjustly
Currency wars & petrodollar’s demise 
War on Workers
Crimes of Zion
 33) Israel approves shooting rock throwing Palestinians
37) Israeli entourage to meet with Putin
Homeland Tyranny
43) Greatest threat to national security is the National Security State
World rejects toxic fake food from US
45) US food additives banned worldwide
Odds & Ends
46) 75% see widespread corruption in government (other 25% need eye exams)

One Thought to “FFWN: al-Qaeda’s a myth, ISIS is US”

  1. Kevin, you frequently remark that maybe half of your listeners are skeptical, or downright dismissive, about the official story line on “Climate Change”. You remain unconvinced by those of us who see crescendo of UN, governmental and bankster promotion of Global Partnership-mandated action to prevent and mitigate climate change as a fraudulent myth on a par with Islamic terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC on 9/11/2001.

    Even if you defer to the officially-suborned pseudoscience of the IPCC “climate experts” (i.e. shameless mercenary climate liars), you need to explain why anthropogenic CO2-driven “Climate Change” (formerly “green-house gas effect” Global Warming) forms the centerpiece of the globalist agenda enshrined in the UN document “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Is it as simple as: “Even the psychopathic ruling plutocracy must save the planet that they would dominate?”

    The science is a bit arcane. It seems you are loath to do the necessary science homework, and you reflexively dismissive the judgment of anyone without a PhD in science who compares the contending theories (catastrophic warmism, inconsequential luke-warmism, or coolism: yes, radiant gasses such as H20, methane, and CO2 actually cool the surface of any planet), and presumes to reject the official story on CO2 as a “greenhouse gas”.

    There are plenty of scientists who reject catastrophic warmism, and make a strong scientific case. As science laymen we must do our due diligence to study and understand science, and not defer to the officially-supported “experts”. Many have published articles on You will never be convinced if you won’t study the science.

    You have interviewed many science laypeople who reject warmism, but you dismiss their (uncredentialed) arguments as unconvincing. You interviewed a luke-warmist climate scientist (remember “blowback”, “Osama Bin Laden determined to attack within the USA” and “let it happen on purpose” theories of 9/11; remember “we’ll never know whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating JFK”).

    The issue of “Climate Change” is now bigger and more momentous than the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11/2001. The mythology of 9/11 is now cemented in popular consciousness: truth will never shake people’s beliefs, now that the Pope has endorsed the story of the WTC Museum.

    Please do your science homework on the “greenhouse gas effect”, like you did on jet fuel melting steel, and free-fall acceleration through the pass of greatest resistance.

    To kick things off, please interview H20/methane/CO2 radiant gas “coolist” Doug Cotton.

    His website:
    His book:

    Douglas Zork

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