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David Dionisi on the New World Order “Brotherhood of Death”

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Is an international banking cabal pushing a plan for world government? If so, are they just hungry for absolute power? Or is there an ideological or even pseudo-religious basis for their global domination project?

David Dionisi, a former US Army intelligence officer, argues that at the top of the New World Order power pyramid is The Brotherhood of Death – a dark “religious” cult with roots in ancient Egypt and Babylon. The Brotherhood of Death, which dominates the highest levels of freemasonry, worships big lies and human sacrifice and believes that wealth and slaves amassed in this life will accompany their owner to the next world, making him a sort of immortal god. The Brotherhood loathes traditional religions, especially the Abrahamic monotheisms; the real purpose of the phony “war on terror,” according to Dionisi, is to turn Christians, Muslims and Jews against each other so that monotheism destroys itself, paving the way for the coming of Antichrist/Dajjal.

Dionisi is surprisingly optimistic about our chances for prevailing against these psychopathic monsters (witness his book Defeating the Brotherhood of Death).

Dionisi’s books can be read or purchased at the Vigilant Christian website.

One Thought to “David Dionisi on the New World Order “Brotherhood of Death””

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Just listening to your David Dionisi program where he talks about
    Japan's nuclear program.

    Seems he's quite right about that.

    See this Wikipedia article …

    "U234" … how quaint!

    U235 is the isotope used for making uranium bombs.

    Note the date. Hitler shot himself on April 30th … and so, this was a
    last-ditch effort to get Germany's uranium supply to their allies -the

    Ironically, the sub surrendered to the allies in the middle of the ocean
    (because Germany had officially surrendered) and the Japanese officers
    aboard the sub committed hari-kari … since Japan was still at war with
    the U.S.

    So … the U.S. was able to get a hefty slug of purified Uranium from
    this shipment and it probably explains how they were able to construct
    the bombs to hit Nagasaki and Heroshima. Otherwise, they were acutely
    short of refined U-235.


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