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Victoria Alexander on her brilliant 9/11-themed novel “Locus Amoenus”

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There are several 9/11 truth thrillers in print. But until now, the only 9/11-truth-themed novel of high literary quality was Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge.

Victoria Alexander’s new novel Locus Amoenus is the best fictional treatment of 9/11 yet. It’s hilarious, darkly ironic, playful, deeply moving – and stands as an explosive controlled demolition of post-9/11 American culture.

Has 9/11 left us in the position of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who knows but cannot act? I’ve asked that question more than once – but never as eloquently as Victoria Alexander does in this unforgettable book.

Victoria N. Alexander,  author of Locus Amoenus (2015),  Trixie (2010),  Naked Singularity (2003) and Smoking Hopes (1996),  is co-founder of the Dactyl Foundation in New York City. With a Ph.D. in English specializing in Philosophy of Science,  Alexander also writes on science,  art and poetics in The Biologist’s Mistress: Rethinking Self-Organization in Art,  Literature and Nature (2011).

2 Thoughts to “Victoria Alexander on her brilliant 9/11-themed novel “Locus Amoenus””

  1. Anonymous

    sent to

    Mike Wilson, just viewed your graphics of the Pentagon plane attack on 9/11.

    Great graphics on the Pentagon Boeing 757 plane path.

    Just a few problems, why is it necessary years later to do such a great job of
    what might have happened when our government has many, many confiscated
    security videos of exactly what happened ?

    Because we know NO Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, I have to put your beautifully
    done graphics in the "cartoon" category.

    Have you not listened to and viewed Citizens Investigative Team interviews with
    Lloyd England ( the limo driver) and viewed Barbara Honegger's DVD on what did
    and did not happen at the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 ?

    Incredible to think and / or believe such talented folks as you would be conned
    into being Zelikow "disinformation" agents.

    Dick Kennedy
    for 9/11 Truth, Justice & World Peace

  2. Anonymous

    When I heard your show with Victoria, and you mentioned that Noam Chomsky was a Jew, maybe his take on 9-11 is as simple as he is just covering the involvement of the Israel in 9-11, what ever that is.

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