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My thoughts on the Veterans Today “mutiny”

Watch Jim Fetzer and I argue about Jade Helm during the second half of yesterday’s False Flag Weekly News (click HERE for story links).

People keep asking me for my thoughts on the Veterans Today “mutiny.”

It wasn’t a mutiny. Four people, out of dozens, have been fired or left.

It started when VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff woke up and realized that Stew Webb is, shall we say, not exactly a reliable source. Webb has been making absurd, malicious allegations against retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson for years. There is no substance to these allegations. Check out the evidence for yourself. (What was Webb was doing at VT in the first place? That would be a good question to ask Gordon, who will be taking live call-ins on my radio show tonight.)

Facing the truth about Stew Webb and his, shall we say, state of mind, seems to have awakened in Gordon an exaggerated aversion to stubborn, bombastic, paranoid/aggressive irrationality. So when Jim Fetzer became convinced that the Jade Helm military exercises are designed to bring on full martial law, with dissidents like us interned in Wal-Marts, Gordon apparently did not suffer Jim’s rhetoric gladly. The two locked horns, and as anyone who has locked horns with Jim Fetzer knows, the notorious “Fetzer school of tact and diplomacy” must have reared its hideous head.

Gordon is not a man to be disrespected. So at some point he got pissed off, said “enough!” and fired Jim Fetzer from VT. For the record, I disagree with Gordon’s decision. But I am not exactly surprised.

Jim, naturally, did not react well, especially when his old, archived articles started being taken off the VT website. (Another decision I disagree with.) Jim is brilliant in many respects, but he does not have a lot of insight into how his communicative style and actions sometimes alienate others. So rather than acknowledging that the “Fetzer school of tact and diplomacy” was a key issue, Jim leaped to the conclusion that Gordon was an agent of the nefarious forces that were going to take Jade Helm live and declare Wal-Martial Law.

Then Jeff Rense had a stroke and was injured in the resulting car crash shortly before Jim was going to be a guest on his show. Jim once again leaped to a bizarre and ludicrous conclusion: Gordon Duff could have ordered Rense hit with a “death ray” in order to prevent Jim from appearing on Rense’s show and broadcasting the truth about Gordon Duff and Jade Helm to the world!

If I were going to wax paranoid about Rense’s accident, I would imagine that “the bad guys” (who hate Jeff Rense for many reasons) knew Jim Fetzer’s profile, knew how he would react, and used their “death ray” on Rense at that moment partly to feed Jim’s paranoia and burn VT and the alternative media. One reason I could summon up such bizarre thoughts is that I had already seen Jim manipulated by covert operators who profiled him and tricked him into behaving destructively. That’s how Scholars for 9/11 Truth was blown up in 2006-2007: A certain self-proclaimed nephew of Bugsy Siegal, among others, fed Jim the informational equivalent of crazy pills. Anyone who knows Jim, much less anyone who has profiled him, would know how Jim would react to the news that Rense had an accident right before Jim was scheduled to appear on his show.

So Jim and Stew got on the radio together and fed each other’s paranoia. Stew claimed he too had been attacked while driving, run off the road after a high-speed car chase. It sure sounded like they were accusing Gordon Duff of attempted murder via anti-Rense death rays and anti-Webb road rage.

Jim has since backed off that insinuation.

Webb probably won’t back off. He’ll keep right on slamming and sliming Gordon Duff with the kind of slander he’s long been using on Ted Gunderson.

So that’s the “mutiny”: A tumultuous tempest in a tiny teapot. I have no idea why Dean Henderson and Chip Tatum went along for the ride. Jade Helm hysteria, maybe?

As of yesterday, Jim Fetzer apparently still thinks Jade Helm will bring on full-scale martial law this summer. He has promised that if it doesn’t, and we’re not locked up in Wal-Marts next fall, he will take my family out to dinner.

Maybe I can convince him over dinner to mend fences with Gordon Duff.

If, on the other hand, we’re locked up in Wal-Mart concentration camp administered by Gordon in his Waffen-SS uniform, I will have to buy Jim some nachos and soda or whatever Wal-Mart is offering.

I guess time will tell who’s right.

6 Thoughts to “My thoughts on the Veterans Today “mutiny””

  1. Kevin has everything right but his facts. I was not played by Rick Siegle. I had asked Steven Jones–whom I had invited to become my co-chair when I founded Scholars for 9/11 in December of 2005–to monitor the forum. It was intended as a venue for our members to blow off steam when they disagreed with the positions of Scholars by criticism within the group.

    In early-December, as I recall, Rick complained to me that he had been cut off mid-post making a complaint about Steve. When I asked Steve about it, he said he had not done it but supported the moderator who had.I was dumbfounded, since Steve and Carl Weiss were the only ones I had authorized to moderate the forum.

    When Steve refused to tell me who had done it after I had repeatedly asked him, I removed him as co-chair. Kevin seems to know none of this, even though it has been public knowledge since I first published about it on (what is now) Scroll down to the "Founder's Corner" and read what I wrote in detail about it on 9 December 2006.

    It had nothing to do with "profiling" me. It was an issue of integrity. I had entrusted Steve to moderate the forum, but he had allowed someone else (whom I believe to have been Kevin Ryan) to do that–and, when it became an issue, he refused to tell me who had done it. How could I run Scholars with someone who will not even tell me what had happened? So I had to remove him as co-chair.

    Kevin is careless in his research and frequently does not know what he is talking about. That he should be attacking over JADE HELM is simply ridiculous. I have done a great deal of research about it; he has not. I have made repeated efforts to bring him up-to-speed, but he has been adamant in his attitude that he is not going to believe anything about JADE HELM until it comes from impeccable sources and can be known with certainty.

    I have done several shows on "The Real Deal" (now in its new video format) about JADE HELM. You can find them at As in the case of Scholars, I have done my homework; Kevin has not. I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine how anyone could adopt such a cavalier attitude toward the gravest threat in our nation's history.

    As I explain in the episode of FFWN he links here, my response was to point out that our challenge is to take a lot of uncertain sources and figure out what's going on. If we wait for epistemic certainty, it will (in this case, for example) be too late to do anything about it.

    I share with the late Capt. May the position that we are better to sound the alarm (when evidence warrants) and be wrong than not sound the alarm and suffer the consequences. In this case, that could be meeting in FEMA camps or losing our heads (literally, not just figuratively). I would be glad to be proven wrong, but the risk we run is that I and many others just might be right. The handwriting is on the wall. Read it!

  2. In addition to taking down my original article about JADE HELM, "JADE HELM is NOT 'an ordinary training drill'", Gordon also removed at least four of my most recent articles about the Boston bombing and my piece about "Ringo's Confession"; and I have discovered only today that at least one of my articles about Sandy Hook, "Ten More Proofs that Vitiate the 'Official Account'", which would not have been justified were I completely wrong about JADE HELM. I worry that I have made this point to Kevin before, but have found him to be unresponsive. This is a form of "book burning" by Gordon Duff–yet Kevin has yet to utter a peep about it!

    DISSIDENCE IN THE HEART OF DISSIDENCE – This time the curse of the Jewish Qabbalah (not to be taken literally) is on VETERANS TODAY with some key figures like the Chief Editor Gordon Duff, Editor Jim Fetzer, Editor Kevin Barrett, and a few very more or less famous figures seemingly under the spell of Black Magic.



  4. Agreed Jim! we just make sure we put 1005 reliable info like we've doen with Eric in 2012, and let the enemy blown himself, which is pretty much what Cameron has done in the UK. winning to disintegrate the UK… Kevin let me know when the french version is ready… we want to upset our french-israeli -algerian Hollande… we have our channels to do so… I am gonna send the book to him…

  5. Anonymous

    First, before I forget – Rense has not shown signs of a stroke – no memory issues nor slurred speech. I wonder who planted the "stroke" seed, because Rense has never said that throughout his discussions about what happened. I heard Jeff speak about his accident with various guests.

    I am glad people are sharing their experiences with the particulars, Duff and Ted Gunderson. IMO, Gunderson (as well As Decamp) had a job to keep a lid on the abuse of children, going up to the WH. No one at the top was tried let alone mentioned in the MSM. After all, the average has no idea it was about the sexual abuse of children, with the psyop name they gave it – The Franklin Banking Scandal, indeed. There is a long list of people with odd experiences with Gunderson, so although Stew Webb (as odd as he is – if only half of what he says is true he's endured a lot ) has his experiences, there is a lot to be found concerning Gunderson activities. The Duff roast had every person that left VT sharing interesting stuff about Gunderson and Duff. If one ignores these first person accounts, they're not able to put the pieces together of the world at large comprising people not really working on the behalf of the people. I am really enjoying all the people on the radio from VT that Stew has brought together, especially Cynthia McKinney. She'll soon have her own show…

    My feelings about Duff, not to be trusted, because after all, he's made fun of anti-vacers (my first heads up) and admitted his truth was not 100% of the time. Kevin, you are after the truth and you work at it, like another that tries their best, yet no one is perfect. Yet, the person really putting their best forward is not going to state outright they are deceptive, which Duff has done in so many words. I don't read/ listen to him anymore – at first I thought he had ADD – he really means to confuse people. I guess he is speaking to spies or such and having a good time humoring himself. Duff was acting child-like when deleting good work by Jim Fetzer, though it allows one to see Duff's true colors.

    I'm glad you stated the positive comments about Fetzer. Like yourself, he's a good researcher/writer. Each of us has experiences that has one doing what they do. Right or wrong, if a body is doing their best, how can that be faulted? It is interesting that one's best could be based upon being true to thyself yet the outcomes could be off the mark. Really, it's amazing any truth is known since history has been all lies. Do the details matter – why waste time with so much wondering, guessing, issues we can't change… Isn't it the present, the only gift we have and what counts in the end, isn't it that one does their best each each day while not doing harm to others?

    Sending the very best~!

  6. anonymous,
    I think you did a pretty good job of summing this up. I have read various pieces from everyone mentioned here.

    Duff's wife kept removing my posts on vaccines. Jimmah Dean doesn't like links and some things cannot be addressed with one liners.

    Of all commenting here Kevin has put out some good information. That being said I never could figure out how the muslim brotherhood was going to be much better than the Israeli, (Al Sisi). The first thing the muslim brotherhood came out with after the election is we are sending the army up to fight Syria. How is this a positive?

    With Duff, the final straw for me was when he said the US should just go ahead and invade Syria before someone else did. (Say what?)

    With Jim Fetzer, I rarely find anything to quibble with reading him. In most areas I find him to be spot on.

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