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Rolf Lindgren on Rand Paul; Barry Chamish on Charlie Hebdo, NWO/Illuminati, and the coming paradigm shift

Broadcast April 10th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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First 10 minutes: Rolf Lindgren is back from Louisville, where Rand Paul just launched his campaign for the presidency…and is clearly the front-runner among Republicans and opening up a lead over Hilary Clinton. Would Rand really end the 9/11 wars, restore the Constitution, and shrink or end the Empire? Or has he betrayed his father’s legacy in return for money and power?

Final 50 minutes: Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish says Netanyahu is a suspect in the Charlie Hebdo attacks. (See my new article “Israeli investigative journalist: Bibi a suspect in Charlie Hebdo massacre.”)

Was Charlie Hebdo orchestrated by a Labor Zionist-linked New World Order axis of evil? Can Jews and Muslims get along if the NWO stops provoking them via its “strategy of tension”? Is there a coming paradigm shift? Barry and I entertain these and other questions…and hopefully also you, the listener.


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