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Kevin takes callers on “The People Speak” with Rock Cash

Broadcast February 9th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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Rock Cash, host at The People Speak Radio, says:

“I immigrated from the West Bank/Palestine 1968 after the 6 day war. I was raised on Long Island N.Y. School wasn’t in my future so I dropped out and joined the U.S. Army 1979 stayed in till 1989. Worked in the construction industry then distribution/restaurant’s and so on but always continued self-educating myself and made sure I was well informed about the political system. Now at the age of 51 I pursue justice and equality for humanity and I try to make a difference in educating others to do the same towards a peaceful resolution to today’s world issues.”

During this show, Rock and Kevin discuss Zionism, false flags, the Rothschild-driven NWO…and take  some interesting call-ins!

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