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Persecuted writer-editor Arthur Topham: “Zionists assault free speech”

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Canadian author-editor-publisher Arthur Topham of has twice been persecuted – I mean, prosecuted – for saying things Zionists don’t like. Now that the dubious Charlie Hebdo incident is rallying Zionists in support of “free speech” (pornographic blasphemy) it’s time to point out that these people are really the world’s biggest enemies of free speech. See my new article:

CNN host lynched by hasbara shills

Arthur Topham is a natural target for persecution; this guy doesn’t mince words. In a recent letter to Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May, Arthur writes:

Now it appears that (our leaders’) unwillingness to confront reality also extends to the overwhelming volume of evidence that indicates direct complicity of the Jewish state with the massive false flag event of September 11, 2001 known around the world as 9/11.

You may recall my own personal outrage and disappointment which I conveyed to you (and all the other federal leaders) when, during the insanely vicious and heinous slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza over the summer of 2014, code-named Operation Protective Edge, you and all of the other federal leaders vainly, arrogantly, and if I may stoop to the level involved, stupidly voiced your approval of this demonic act of barbarity by “standing with Israel”, thus betraying not only yourselves but your parties and Canada itself as mere obeisant sock puppets of this foreign state that now holds the ignoble title and status of being the Number One criminal, rogue state on planet Earth. Whether you, or any of the other federal leaders, are unaware of this growing dichotomy between the collective consensus of Canadians that something is seriously amiss with your own blatant forms of narcissistic repudiation of what’s happening in the world is difficult to imagine yet your common actions bespeak of just this sort of gaping gap between Truth and Falsehood. “

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