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Kevin beheads islamophobes; Rodney Shakespeare on Paris “Charlie Hebdo” shooting

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Re: Paris “Charlie Hebdo” attack”: another Zionist false flag?

Kevin calls in to RBN’s Outcast Radio with Don Campbell, where islamophobes have been poisoning the anti-NWO discourse; then tries to interview Patrick Poole (see his press release below); and finally spends forty minutes discussing the Paris shootings and related matters with Rodney Shakespeare.

ISLAMIC PARIS ATTACK GUEST: Patrick Poole, is a national security and terrorism correspondent for

One Thought to “Kevin beheads islamophobes; Rodney Shakespeare on Paris “Charlie Hebdo” shooting”

  1. Nowadays, one can not surf the internet (I don't watch TV) without coming across news headlines such as "cartoon draws muslim ire", "caricature offends muslims", "movie angers muslims"…etc.

    So far I didn't come across any opinion that reflects mine, so I am going to share it if you allow me.

    The way I see it, muslims who get angered offended sad…etc by this or that act of carefully planned provocation, are simply muslims who are betraying the fact that they are very insecure in their faith and very insecure in their persona. Their outrage is a blatant display of a lack of maturity and a strong indication of how much the remnants of mental colonialism is entrenched in their psyche.

    Let me try to explain as clearly as I strongly feel about it.

    If muslims are comfortable enough in their own faith, they ought to be secure enough, so much so that whatever others say about it – WHETHER GOOD OR BAD – that shouldn't move their emotional needle WHATSOEVER.

    If what has been said about their faith is good, then what is there new under the sun ?. Nothing !.For they already know that islam is a beautiful religion and a beautiful way of life, they know that their prophet is one of the lucky selected humans in the sight of God. Saying good things about all that, will not add anything to it.

    By the same token, if what has been said is negative, what's the big deal ?. Does that take anything away from the truth and beauty of their faith ?. Of course not. All what it says is that those who insist on being agents of negative energy by uttering filth, have indeed filthy hearts. As the bible rightfully states :

    "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." – Bible(NIV), Luke [06:45]

    So, why is it that when someone insists on letting the world know that his heart is full of filth, should some muslims get bent out of shape about it ?. There is no reason at all, unless they hold him subconsciously in very high esteem. That's when the entrenched mental colonialsm in their psyche comes into play.

    Let's assume for an instant that all over the news, it is reported that : "In a remote african village, the shaman drew a disrespectful picture of prophet muhammed and the whole village started laughing…etc". Would that offend those so-called 'islam-lovers' muslims ?. I highly doubt it, because they are not thirsty for love and recognition from those kind of people, but they are craving love and recognition from their former europeen colonialists.

    The inferiority complex has sunk very deep into their bones. An illustration of that would be to look at the title of some muslim converts videos on youtube : "WHITE woman converts to islam", "AMERICAN WHITE man accepts islam"…etc. The impulse that pushes muslims to jump up and down in joy every time a europeen-looking person converts to islam, is exactly the same impulse that causes their emotional needle to go berserk when islam or his prophet is insulted : IT IS A DEEPLY ROOTED INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

    The question now is : are they honest enough and insightful enough to acknowledge it so they can start at last shedding the shackles of mental colonialism and improve from the inside out, or will they continue on foaming at the mouth whenever an agent-provocateur is doing his work and provide him with ammunitions against themselves by reacting like idiots ?.

    Maybe muslims need to invest some efforts on becoming genuinely spiritual, rather than insisting on being stuck on rituals, traditions and customs. The more spiritual one is, the less affected by provocation one will be. When the eagle or the hawk is pestered by crows, they don't fight them and childlishly answer every provocation, they just fly away and soar with dignity where the crows can not follow them.

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