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2 Thoughts to “US tax dollars massacred Pakistani children”

  1. Anonymous

    By dealing with Rothschild’s ‘New World Order’, Raul Castro is exposing Cuba to dangerous plots. Cuba is interacting with a world power which is bent to take it over. Behind the errors political actors commit, is terrible fear when they risk to potentially be blackmailed, unlearning thereby all the calumnies and aggressions. Any free government – by doing so – is betraying the most powerful capability it had, the truth. Once the resistance posture has been given up without any power negotiation, like it happened in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Russia, that hidden fear is being exposed like the ‘hands up’ and screaming at the coldblooded killer ‘kill me if you dare’. It doesn’t matter why the US has been rethinking its stance on Cuba, if the Russian disposition to open its intelligence base, is true or not. What matters is the real danger to the world, because Cuba and its ideological heritage, the global Soviet anti-imperialist movement, are based on no more nor less than the fundamental Jewish- Zionist dialectical world deception, starting with underlying Rothschild support and ending with Perestroika, before it gave birth to the neoliberalist spawn of hell. Ear deafening will – and should – be the outcry of the Left Camp and the Socially Responsible Mankind.

  2. Anonymous

    the us taxpayer is the unwilling but still culpable enabler of all the crimes of their gov’t. In their name and with their money, they murdered innocents all over the globe. They are have and are suppressing the Palestinians right to be free They have and are stealing Africa’s resources and slowly killing its people. They have generated third world poverty by allowing their go’vt to destroy first the economies of these third world states and then burdening them with usurious through the imf and other jewish financial institutions to make sure they stay poor and miserable while they live a life worth calling a life. The us taxpayer is the biggest enabler of worldwide eugenics and population control. They are the financiers of the 2 two biggest terrorist entities in the world: the us and israeli gov’ts. They have promoted the hypocritical and satanic mores that they proudly display as a symbol of their freedom. There’s more but one gets the picture. and if true justice is applied, each and everyone of these taxpayers deserve the ultimate punishment for their innumerable crimes against humanity.

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