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Ph.D. structural engineer Ibrahim Soudy on 9/11 truth strategy, Zionist power

Broadcast December 15th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on, archived here. Note: subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of and go to the “Private Blog” to get early access to the shows.  

Dr. Ibrahim Soudy, PhD,  PE, SE, P.Eng. 

Of all of the world’s structural engineers, Ibrahim Soudy is one of the best qualified to analyze the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center skyscrapers from an engineering perspective. (Alongside his Ph.D. in the field he holds ten different structural engineering licenses.)

But rather than re-hashing the physics and engineering of the WTC demolitions, in this interview we discuss two political issues: How to make the 9/11 truth movement more effective in the face of the coverup team’s divide-and-conquer strategy; and how to educate Americans about the power of Zionism in the USA – a crucial factor in understanding how and why the 9/11 coup d’├ętat happened and how it has been covered up.

At the end of the show, Dr. Soudy proposes a conference at which the various divisive issues in 9/11 truth – whether the demolitions were done with mini-nukes, nanothermate or DEW, what precisely happened at the Pentagon, and so on – will be discussed in a cordial, congenial, maybe even friendly manner.

One Thought to “Ph.D. structural engineer Ibrahim Soudy on 9/11 truth strategy, Zionist power”

  1. Anonymous

    Ibrahim and Kevin,

    I listen to Kevin ALOT…usually relistening several times because I miss stuff…AND…your show was the best one yet by Kevin-and he's had many, many great shows!!!

    The reason that the show was so good is because the discussion was kept OUT OF THE WEEDS and talked about broader issues, both within the 9/11 Truth Movement, nad towards the "big kahuna"…World Zionism and its deleterious effects and controls. When Ke vin is given a WIDE STAGE to work on, his brilliance shines [and his sometimes pettiness fails to show up]…and in that Kevin can connect the dots even better than the likes of Peter Dale Scott…and of course, way better that David Ray Griffing who delibertaely decided NOT to connect so many obvious dots!

    Anyway, I'm part way through my white paper regrading the aviation elements of the 9/11 attacks and I wrote my own forward and overview of the Deep State, War and Peace, Zionists, and infiltration of the 9/11 Truth Community by the wholly compromised "Libertarian Party", We Are Changes…AJ and Rudkowski specifically. But that's not even the most important part of my opening…its "Friendly Fences"…which you Ibrahim, so eloquently are calling for within the 9/11 Truth Community. Its now my third year trying to spread the word about "Friendly Fences" in several other forums and from using my email list of the leaders of this movement.

    peace, love and progress

    robin hordon
    Kingston, WA

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