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Barrie Zwicker on “Ottawa Shooting” and other false flags

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Noted Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker returns to Truth Jihad Radio to analyze the most recent wave of false flag operations, including the “Ottawa Shooting” (actually two acts of violence rolled into one by the public relations specialists and Hollywood scriptwriters who orchestrated the whole show). For details, check out Barrie’s new article:


Barrie says that even as the phony terror spectacles come at us faster and faster, the false-flaggers are getting less and less bang for their buck…and inadvertently setting the stage for the impending implosion of what Barrie calls the “diaboligarchy” (the ruling elite that Lori Price of refers to as the Dominant Inbred Psychopaths, i.e. the DIPs).  Hope he’s right!

Barrie Zwicker is the author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11.

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    "…it's good to be back on the line with Kevin, on 'Bell's invention.'"

    Check this out:

    Italy hailed the redress of a historic injustice yesterday after the US Congress recognised an impoverished Florentine immigrant as the inventor of the telephone rather than Alexander Graham Bell. Historians and Italian-Americans won their battle to persuade Washington to recognise a little-known mechanical genius, Antonio Meucci, as a father of modern communications, 113 years after his death.

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