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Gen. Daniel Bolger: Why We Lost the 9/11 Wars

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“I am a United States Army General, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism.” So begins Why We Lost, Gen. Daniel P. Bolger’s powerful, painful account of what went wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I will be reviewing the book soon – keep an eye on my Veterans Today column.) Though Gen. Bolger apologizes on behalf of himself and his colleagues for “poor strategic and operational leadership,” the real problem was that the whole nation-building mission was misguided at best, insane at worst. Most of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan did not (and do not) want to live under foreign occupation. So the Afghan and Iraqi people quickly became “the enemy.”

Gen. Bolger and I engage in a refreshingly frank exchange of views. (I don’t think he hears my take on 9/11 and Zionism from many corporate media interviewers – just as I haven’t heard his painfully honest assessment of the 9/11-wars debacle from many high-level American leaders.)

Toward the end of this interview, I inform Gen. Bolger that 80% of the world’s Muslims, including myself, believe 9/11 was a big lie and a false flag event and ask: Don’t we need to have an investigation to clear up the lingering doubts? He responds that yes, we need to have public hearings where those who launched and prosecuted the wars are forced to answer the kinds of questions I’ve been asking him.

13 Thoughts to “Gen. Daniel Bolger: Why We Lost the 9/11 Wars”

  1. _ "I am a United States Army General"

    Ok, he proudly identifies himself as an enforcer for the cruel ruling class. So, are we supposed to be impressed and celebrate him ?. He wants a cookie for that accomplishment ?. He is a hero in his own mind.

    _ "I lost the Global War on Terrorism"

    That's like a husband whose wife is operating a brothel in the basement of the house and the husband acting like he knows nothing about her operation, goes door to door in the neighborhood making sure nobody is operating a brothel, because of course he is O so pure and holly.

    Bible, [Matthew 7:5] : "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye".

    Quran [002:11-12] : "And when they are told : "Do not spread corruption on earth," they reply : "we are but improving things !". Oh, verily, it is they who are spreading corruption but they perceive it not."

    _ "what went wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan."

    What went wrong in the first place is that him and his fellow indoctrinated comrades went there in the first place. As if the carnage imposed on the people of Iraq in the 1990's by his masters wasn't enough. (

    _ "apologizes on behalf of himself and his colleagues for "poor strategic and operational leadership""

    Plastic-cheap fake humbleness is worse than no humbleness at all.

    _ "Most of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan did not (and do not) want to live under foreign occupation. So the Afghan and Iraqi people quickly became "the enemy"."

    It is so bizarre. They must suffer the same mental illness the indians and the black slaves were diagnosed with (ie : they like freedom). The palestinians too certainly carry that weird illness.


    Oh well……

    Quran [021:105] : "Before this We wrote in the Psalms (The Zabur), after the Message (given to Moses): My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth."

    Bible(NIV), Matthew [5:3-10] : “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek. for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

  2. I see him as a basically decent person who has been squeezed between patriotic/honorable ideals and sordid realities. We're all in that boat up to a point. Few are ever in a position to make a career-ruining gesture like I did. In some ways I like Bolger's way of being in denial better than, say, Chomsky's. Chomsky comes across as a whining, neurotic, bad-faith coward as he shrinks from the full truth about 9/11, Zionism, JFK etc. in passive-aggressive mode. Bolger comes across as more courageous and potentially open to facing reality, warts and all, and maybe trying to make it better. If we ever clean up this country with a Constitutional counter-coup, Bolger might serve honorably in the transitional authority.

  3. Thank you brother Kevin for your feedback. I am really impressed by your efforts and your courage.

    As for your career-ruining gesture, it was very likely a promotion from Allah's perspective ("Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven").

    In street language, it said that it is better to feel like sh*t than to be full of sh*t.

    All the best to you.

  4. Anonymous

    Kevin, Whenever you channel your emotions through your study and intellect, thus framing a beginning, middle and end of your work, its absolutely BRILLIANT…as was your hour with Bolger! WOW! Strange Bedfellows: You and I agree about some Zionist connections and restrictions that Amy Goodman has regarding many issues as she gatekeeps for Israel-at least she routinely covers GAZA, Palestine, Bibby, the IDF activities and all the murderous activities when corporate/Zionist media does not touch it at all. Pursuant to that, and to a point that I'll make at the end here, I suggest that you do take some time out to track down Goodman's interview of Bolger on her show…I think it was earlier this week? She really does the same "cornering-exposing" of Bolger, but it is in more direct regard to war and peace, the hard records of dissent that were ignored, and many of the precursor events that the Pentagon should have-could have picked up but chose not to…and deliberately as Goodman cleverly frames. As you know, I'm a big promoter in that we need to continuously talk about, expose and educate the public to the Oded Yinon plan as it is "pure big picture gold" because its THE thread in between Palestine, Israel, 9/11, the corporate media, the Rothschilds and the Pentagon's need to continuously invent/find a new enemy. I hope by now that you know that I STRONGLY support the POV that the World 9/11 Truth Communities should take over the well hidden Peace Communities and become THIS CENTURY's Peace Organization. [just by saying so will do it] Doing this steps around Zionistic controls within the USofA, allows us a voice beyond the corporate/WAR media, and allows more knowledgeable and viable organizations for peace around the world to HELP and ENERGIZE 9/11 Truth seeking itself! This is a HUGE concept if realized! [BTW…we will also expose those little Zionist infiltrators-snitches that have cleverly worked their way into most of the alleged "Peace Groups" in the USofA.] So, if you get another chance at Bolger, or know somebody else sympathetic to 9/11 Truth that will be interviewing him, I suggest that you talk about the "deaf ears" that his "alleged" Intel and the Pentagon seemed to have suffered before, during and after 9/11. Deaf ears to the worldwide outcry against the Iraq invasion…and deaf ears to something that is not yet surfaced…(2B continued)

  5. Anonymous

    (continued) and that is "some" peace activists saw the picture BEFORE we invaded Afghanistan…[peace activists like me who lost ALL my friends after 9/11 because I KNEW that this was going to lead to war and so I stood up and wrote all my "friends" and said don't go to war-its a scam!] Bolger is just the first of many "blind [and sorta stupid-ill informed by design] mice" that the Pentagon will be running out there to shape-shift the story with the ultimate goal of getting citizens to forgive the Pentagon BUT…still contribute to its expansion! This is the same old story…aka…the Pentagon DOES NOT WANT TO WIN ANY WARS…they want to loose them and then set the stage to come back to the desperately frightened citizenry [accomplished by the Pentagon's Psy-Op Department…in this case Islamophobia] and ask for yet another round of weaponry improvements. THEN, the Pentagon subtly suggests, we can WIN the next war! Katching $$$$$ goes the cash register. Watching Goodman undress this stooge as he tries to justify their wrong….err CORRECT-FOR-THEM…decisions is a worthy venture as she frames war and peace just as well as you cleverly framed 9/11-Israel-Yinon. Bolger is out there as somewhat of a dummy specifically to see "what we've got" so that they can prepare another round of interviews, books and statements under a faked up "mea culpa"…or "please forgive me"…and…"and please up the military-intel budgets-I'm sorry…we won't do that again" [I'm sobbing for him now]…or…until the NEXT Muslim attack anyway. So, GREAT JOB…and hopefully you can throw in a few words about the messages avoided by early peace activisms…and also to simply claim that we in the 9/11 Truth Community look at ourselves as alotta things…one of them being that we are this century's Peace Movement too! Besides, this REALLY pisses of the puky little Zionist Jewish Americans who are doing all the ground work to keep 9/11 Truth Movement and Peace Movement apart. Geesh-now I'm getting a little testy. I simply do not like getting run out of Peace Movement meetings and discussions by these Jewish-American traitors to the USofA and enablers of Israel and Zionism…YUP…I'm pissed off for sure! Peace, love and progress -RH

  6. Did I seriously hear a General say ~7:54 "who wants to be a pawn on someone else's chessboard? I sure wouldn't." ? I get what he consciously meant in context, but I don't think I could've said such a thing at any point in my enlistment–call it on the list with death & taxes. Just what are a careerist's blindspots like?

    Watching 911 & rapidly presuming 'we' would be productively bombing someone over it indicated serious character issues. Not coincidentally, they sold a second war… …to the same character. And same apparently believed beating and drowning people is commendable so long as you're axing them 'hey, where da bombs at?' seeing as we're so much better than those torture regimes and killing-his-own-people types…

    Premise of feeling good about Nuremberg/associated trials is that those people should've-known-better. Premise of feeling invulnerable to such an event happening to you is that you still don't. I never felt invulnerable to it. GWoT-Sucker's best bet continues to be acting-as-if they don't know any better.

  7. Anonymous

    General Daniel P. Bolger was born January 15, 1957 at Aurora, Illinois. He graduated from The Citadel and received his commission in 1978. He also has master’s and doctor’s degrees in history from the University of Chicago a top school. He was promoted through the ranks to 3 star general in 2010 and retired in 2013 according to a Wikipedia article. Because of his relatively young age of 57, General Bolger now has an opportunity to spend time, should he so desire, to objectively look into the details of the 9/11/01 event and convince himself if it was indeed carried out as represented by the government, or if it was a horrible false flag attack intended to dupe America into another meaningless and expensive and bloody war for other selfish interests. Obviously General Bolger is both a scholar and a professional soldier. But he now does not have to worry about money or other things in life, so he could spend all his remaining life doing good for humanity and exposi
    ng the many lies of government, possibly including some of his superiors in the corrupt Pentagon. Whether he will have the guts and gumption to move from good soldier to whistleblower and questioner of the establishment remains to be seen. I doubt it.

  8. Anonymous

    I had been wondering why you had him on, while I was tuning into your show, I still am, he believes different than what you think, and me, are you trying to turn him or is he turning you? When he says algata does he know about alciata ( not spelled right) Does he really believe that Bush and Cheney would say that stuff under oath?

  9. what he thinks matters more than what i think

    and is more likely to change

    thanks to inconvenient little things called "facts"

  10. Anonymous

    GREAT article on General Bolger and his book – Thanks! He had a lot of guts to even agree to come on your radio program to be interviewed. Is he still in active service? If so, I'm surprised he was given the freedom to do that.

    From the article:
    "From his perspective, it would have been much more sensible to overthrow the Taliban and/or Saddam Hussein and then quit while we were ahead, leaving the people of Afghanistan and Iraq in control of their own destinies."

    It will never make any sense to anyone who believes that "terrorism" was the reason for those wars. If we just kicked their asses and went home, 'we' wouldn't control the world's heroin supply, the pipeline routes, mineral reserves and a geographical (military) foothold smack in the middle of "Eurasia."

  11. Anonymous

    He's retired. I doubt I'll get any active service generals on my show…at least not before the Constitutional counter-coup.

  12. Anonymous

    saw him on tv a few minutes ago , fantastic . But where will it go . ? Congress ?hahahah

  13. Anonymous

    Not if he just keeps drinking the cool aid if he starts looking behind the curtain then there is hope you sure do a good job of being polite and cordial

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