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Niall Bradley & Joe Quinn: Ottawa attack timing = false flag

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Niall Bradley
Joe Quinn

My article Ottawa Attack: Another False Flag?  and Denis Rancourt’s report from Ottawa are getting a lot of reads at Veterans Today. But the first big piece on the apparent Ottawa false flag came from Niall Bradley: Ottawa under attack: ‘ISIS’ assault on Canadian capital another false-flag terror event. In this interview Niall and his colleague Joe Quinn explain that the NWO false-flaggers are just doing the same thing over and over…and it isn’t working any more.

5 Thoughts to “Niall Bradley & Joe Quinn: Ottawa attack timing = false flag”

  1. Anonymous

    The level of deliberate ignorance and shameless apathy, even among the so-called spiritual types and the so-called artists, is mindboggling.

    Study, study, study. Look, Listen and Learn BEFORE you respond.
    There is so much misinformation and disinformation put out by the corporate media.

    Speak to the facts. If you have evidence to the contrary, then bring it forward for all to see so that we can learn together.

    Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.
    It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance.
    And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.

  2. Anonymous

    Sun News coins the phrase "terrorist truthers"

  3. It is said that the perpetrator of the Ottawa attack is a convert to Islam. A new convert does not need to go through a sophisticated mind-controlling program to be manipulated, for he is a very easy target already.

    Indeed, converts (ie: new believers) are often very impressionable and manipulable. They are at that stage in their journey where they are like a blank piece of paper, full of enthusiasm for their new discovery, eager to listen and absorb anything someone already established in the faith throws at them.

    Should a convert make himself accessible to the wrong crowd, he can very easily be inculcated with the weirdest/ugliest interpretations of his new faith. The wrong crowd can be "Intelligence" Agencies interested in patsies, or they can be just ordinary individuals eager to share their twisted/angry understanding of the faith.

    As a Muslim myself, I came to the realization a while ago that there is no shortage of muslims holding very dearly to some very bizarre interpretations of some aspects of Islam. At first, it was heartbreaking to discover, but then again I reminded myself that I am a Muslim out of conviction not out of desire to belong to any crowd nor a herd.

  4. Anonymous

    A staged incident in Tasmania, Australia, took the lives of 35 people and 23 others were wounded. The patsy is a retarded boy-man – Martin Bryant; IQ of 66 – now in prison forever. He was denied a trial as the State could not prove anything significant it claimed. The incident was used to prevent Australians from possessing firearms. Details in the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia. (2nd edition; 2014; 718 pp.) free pdf copies from; paperback copies

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