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Kerth Barker: “10/29/63 satanic ritual prepped JFK killing – and I was there!”

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Kerth Barker, ex-Satanic cult victim & current self-defense coach

It’s the anniversary of the worldwide satanic ritual “Visualize JFK’s Death” that was held on October 29th, 1963. One of the participants was a child named Kerth Barker – who joins us today to expose the New World Order satanic cult into which he was born and from which he escaped.

Is the case of Col. Michael Aquino – who was expelled from the Church of Satan for being too evil, prosecuted for horrific child abuse, and then promoted to become the director of all US military psychological warfare programs – simply an aberration?

Was the Franklin Scandal – which exposed satanic ritual child abuse that went all the way up to the top of the CIA, FBI, national media and even the White House – another aberration?

Are Stew Webb’s stories of the annual satanic human sacrifices in Denver, Colorado credible?

Was 9/11 a ritual human sacrifice, a.k.a. an occult mega-ritual?

Did the satanists run, or at least infiltrate, the peace & love espousing 1960’s music industry?

Does the black magic work because humans have psi powers and live in a conscious universe?

And can we protect ourselves from psychic attack, and eventually run the satanists out of town?

3 Thoughts to “Kerth Barker: “10/29/63 satanic ritual prepped JFK killing – and I was there!””

  1. A new FREE pdf E-BOOK tis available. It's titled: Star Gate Remote Viewing, Ufology & Earth's Future by Kerth Barker. Among other things, it goes into how the CIA has suppressed the public's awareness of RV technology and Ufology. I It's available at this site below.

  2. Notice the arrogance of those people engaged in those nefarious activities (ie : occultism, satanism, sacrifices, terrorism, wars, pain-inflicting…etc), displaying the all-seing eye for everyone to see during a past 9/11 anniversary ceremony :

    The commentator does not forget to mention his bosses' pet-project of "israel".

    A question that is often asked is : What is the connection between the NWO and Freemasonry ?.

    I see it as follow :

    The NWO is nothing else but the implementation of Messianic Judaism by a bunch of misguided religious jewish sects (such as the virulent Chabad Lubavitchers (the bush administration had some notable chabad rabbis)), in cooperation with another misguided clique of jews and non-jews that are into occultism/satanism/freemasonry…etc.

    Freemasonry of today is nothing but *Messianic Judaism for Gentiles* (imho). It is a recruiting and endoctrinating platform where some gentiles and secular jews can be endoctrinated with a version of messianic judaism that seduces them and entices them to work for.

    Interesting books available on the net as .pdf : "The Jewish Utopia" (1932) by rabbi Michael Higger. "The Ultimate World Order as Pictured In The Jewish Utopia" (1957) by Robert H. Williams.

    Go to google images and type "google earth" followed by : pentagram…masonic symboles…satanic symboles…etc. One will see that they are marking their territory all over the planet, not only in usa. Some pics that pop up are military bases.

    It is noteworthy to mention that there are some jewish sects that believe in the jewish messianic age, but their attitude is that they are not allowed to do anything to hasten it; when Moshiach arrives it will be only by divine decree and nothing else. The Neturei Karta and the Satmars are such sects.

    In conclusion, being deluded by Satan's dangling carrot of "power", "wealth" and some anti-humanity utopia is a sad state to be in :

    Quran [014:022] : "And when everything will have been decided, Satan will say : "Behold, God promised you something that was bound to come true !. I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you – but I deceived you. Yet I had no power at all over you : I but called you – and you responded unto me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine : for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in God's divinity." Verily, for all evildoers there is grievous suffering in store." (as translated by Mohammad Asad)

  3. Sebastian H

    This was a wonderful episode Kevin! You two had great rapport!

    Parapsychology and metaphysical/“psychic” techniques are such under-discussed fields in this secular age, which is quite bizarre, considering the enormity of (six-sigma certified) statistical evidence proving the tangible influence of our thoughts on our reality.

    The materialist atheists (many of whom are statistically illiterate) dismiss parapsychologists and psi practitioners (like Dr Dean Radin and Dr Bill Bengston) as crackpot pseudo-scientists, because their conclusions “sound crazy”, rather than actually reading and digesting their scientific data, methodology, and analysis. What is more unscientific than dismissing something based on the conventional wisdom of the establishment, rather than judging it on its scientific merits (through empiricism and statistical analysis)?

    Kerth was a wonderful guest: it’s always fascinating to hear directly from a psi practitioner. Have you considered having him back on to elaborate and describe the most efficacious practices we can integrate in our daily lives?

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