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One Thought to “FFWN: Ebola – what’s the REAL story?”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin! I have been researching the possibility that Ebola is in fact a hoax and find that "reading between the lines" is often a good method to discover the truth. One article that you may find interesting, is called "Doctors puzzled why only some Ebola patients bleed" and can be found at I have been searching for one decent photo of a bleeding victims and it turns out the majority do not bleed. Also, an article in Vanity Fair discussed the fact that the of the original 8 Ebola cases, 7 tested positive for cholera therefore they missed the opportunity to contain it. So the cholera test has a very high false positive casting doubt on the Ebola test or there is no Ebola at all, or if the are testing positive as immune carriers of the virus and dying of a variety if other possible diseases that seem to have disappeared now that everyone who dies is counted as Ebola.

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