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“Who funds and supports ISIL?” Arabic channel Al-Mayadeen interviews Kevin Barrett

Part 1:من-يمول-و-يدعم-تنظيم-داعش
Part 2:من-يمول-و-يدعم-تنظيم-داعش

2 Thoughts to ““Who funds and supports ISIL?” Arabic channel Al-Mayadeen interviews Kevin Barrett”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Dr. Barrett,

    Greetings from Hong Kong! I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and great articles. Very much appreciated. I no longer watch any MSM and now get all of my news and information from alternative sources.

    I must compliment you on your satiric articles which are particularly well done. Maybe the next time you write one you could work in something about the ever-present threat of the Independant State of Rampant Atrocities and Endless Lies or I.S.R.A.E.L. for short. The mothership, LOL!

    Just a thought I wanted to share… I am really sick and tired of seeing the adjective "Islamic" used with either "extremest" or "terrorist". Do any of the following really make any sense?

    Islamic extremest
    Christian terrorist
    Christian extremest
    Muslim terrorist
    Buddhist extremest (!!)
    Hindu terrorist

    Any true person of faith would never tolerate violence, torture or murder (whatever the faith). Imagine what the average American would think if the press from another country incessantly used the phrase "Christian extremest" or "Christian terrorist". Ridiculous, right? So why do we automatically add "Islamic" to terrorist. It doesn't make any sense. A better term might be "nomadic terrorist" or "Middle Eastern terrorist" or "terrorist group XYZ ". Really, the Islamic groups in the USA should be taking the MSM to court for slander and hate crimes. Their wreckless use of this word must certainly make things worse for all the law-abiding and peace-loving American muslims.

    Thanks again for your great contributions towards a more peaceful world. You have a great spirit.

  2. Anonymous

    heard interview with this disinfo agent this morning on Glenn Beck [opposition research-choke] and he's got a "new" book….

    his previous book on JKF "proved" LHO was lone gunman….this book "proves" that Stalin killed Patton….

    i prefer the VT version of JFK….the "Target Patton" by Robert Wilcox on Patton….

    i can't wait for the ruling Demonic Warlord house of cards to fall….

    off to the Heritage & Texas Public Policy Climate Crossroad meeting, keynote Ricky Perry….

    will send report tomorrow eve….thanks


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