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FFWN: 9/11 perp Harari reported dead; US arms & trains ISIS to fight ISIS

US False Flags

1) 9/11 perp Mike Harari reported dead at 87
2) Former CIA: Sandy Hook and Boston bombing obvious false flags

3) Wolf and Fetz do Sandy Hook on “The Power Hour”

Election Fraud in Scotland?

4) Proof Scottish vote was manipulated

5) No exit polls for Scottish referendum

False Flag War on Iraq & Syria

6) US carrying out vast majority of air strikes in Syria

7) Weeks of U.S. Strikes Fail to Dislodge ISIS in Iraq

8) Israel shoots down Syrian jet over the Golan Heights

9) Syrian rebels (ISIS) said to control most of border with Israel

10) Al Jazeera ridicules beheadings as Hollywood theater

11) NY Times: Iraqis know “Islamic State” = CIA & Mossad

12) Anti-ISIS Iraqis protest US invasion of Iraq

13) UN Ambassador admits plan is to topple Assad

14) CIA training ISIS while combating ISIS

15) House approves plan to train ISIS to fight ISIS

16) US attacks cell in Syria said to plot against the West

17) The Islamic State of . . . . Saudi Arabia!

18) Khamenei goes viral

 19) Legal scholars blistering critiques of Obama decision to bomb ISIS in Syria

20) Syria 7th Muslim nation bombed by Obama


21) “Peace laureate” Obama stocking up on nukes, preparing WWIII

22) Seal says,  “90% of the troops do not support Obama”

23) Russian bombers buzz Ukraine and Alaska White House breach

24) Israel sending message to Obama?

25) Florida county has eight $18 million Apache attack choppers

26) US school districts given free machine guns and grenade launchers

27) Cannot wear American flag tee shirt to school in California

Odds & Ends

28) Nicole Kidman’s father dies amidst scandal

29) Clemson mandates student sex survey

30) Will ET Be Here Soon? NASA Brings Scientists, Theologians Together To Prepare

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: 9/11 perp Harari reported dead; US arms & trains ISIS to fight ISIS”

  1. Israeli secret intelligence service fighting international secret intelligence service for the oil and the gas of the Muslims people, slaughtered by millions

  2. Anonymous

    Here is a review I posted on Amazon about one of Phil Marshal's books (I had sent you an earlier version, which I corrected).

    "Is it possible that Marshall was killed precisely because he was touting the "official" conspiracy theory they want us to believe, and taking out an "insider" would influence people to think he was too close to the truth, making them believe the wrong plot? In other words a false flag murder, to cover up a false flag event? You never know in the crazy world of black-ops and 911. I prefer to think he was a brave man who was onto something new and big, something that had to be kept hidden.

    However, he was wrong about many things. No planes ever flew into any buildings on 911. Aluminum tubes don't bring down steel and cement buildings, and no skyscraper in history has ever fallen down from fires (many with much more severe fires in the past).They were missile-drones or missiles cloaked in holographic cloaking technology. Read the work of accomplished pilot John Lear, and many others on Youtube. Please do the research before labelling the "no-planers" as nutballs.

    As far as collapse goes, the buildings were dustified by mini or micro nukes, planted by a Rogue Secret Shadow Government of Neocons CIA Mossad Saudi Intel. I myself did not believe any of this one year ago but the evidence is overwhelming for anyone willing to do the research. The best research has been done at by Preston James, Gordon Duff and Prof. James Fetzer with the help of Dimitri Khalezov and Russian Intel dumps provided by Edward Snowden.

    Philip Marshall, as a former CIA operative either purposely published the wrong things, or sincerely believed many of the wrong things. I hope it is the latter, and that the reason they killed him was that he was about to publish new information very different from what he had previously written. At least his death would have served a higher purpose than that of taking him out to make people believe the "official" plot. "

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