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Criminology professor Jason Kissner: “Watch out for false flags this week!”

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Guest: Jason Kissner, associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. His new article Vanishing Airliners, “ISIS”, and 9/11: “Timing is Crucial in Politics” begins:

“The very trustworthy MSM has just informed us that 11 commercial jet airliners vanished two weeks ago from an airport in Tripoli, Libya. Evidently, U.S. intelligence has just gotten around to informing citizens of the event…” After pointing out that the “11 jetliners” myth was blasted from the Mighty Wurlitzer just in time to coincide with the “second beheading,” Professor Kissner warns that Europe or Asia may see a major false flag this week…and if so, watch out for a big “new 9/11” in the USA this Thursday, September 11th, 2014.

We also discuss elite deviance, the psychopathy of the power elite, and the bizarre and disturbing fact that the official stories of so many historic events cannot withstand much scrutiny.

One Thought to “Criminology professor Jason Kissner: “Watch out for false flags this week!””

  1. Anonymous

    A US pretext creation for war and geostrategic game changer is mostly a gruesome crime, preplanned as ‘false flag’ atrocity – beheading of Americans, downing of an airliner or genocide in Gaza – in order to justify a military engagement in a country and region ‘on humanitarian grounds.’ Truth and Right, which are ‘beings’ and ‘Humanity’s state of existence’, don’t matter to a totalitarian, neoliberalist US- neoconservatism and Zionism, because Humanity doesn’t count for them. What matters to them is a certain ‘standing’ in a persuaded public opinion, which is triggered through fact-and-story-creation. At the bottom of neoconservatist engagement is the irreversible swapping of ’Truth and Right’ for ‘Lie and Crime.’ The US government is serious about invading Syria, because ISIL has been created therefor. When the ISIL terrorists were trained by the CIA in 2012 – as it is proven – the US government had finalized two assets at the same time: its most important ally and its most appalling all-purpose weapon of mass destruction against humanity. ISIL is simultaneously used as an ally and as an enemy.


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