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Biggest false flag news week ever!

False Flag News

1) Obama/Cameron call on NATO to confront ISIS

2) Zionist propaganda SITE reports “Beheading of U.S. Reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS”

3) Fake reporter’s fake beheading staged in Israel

4) Israel News forced to admit: Sotloff was (is?) Israeli

5) ISIL completely fabricated enemy by US: Former CIA contractor

6) Region-wide ISIS genocide long in planning

7) New book: Anthrax attacks part of 9/11 false flag operation

8) Oil and Gas Reserves tracks with ebola outbreak

9) Judicial Watch–imminent terrorist attacks on border

10) “11 jetliners missing, may attack US on 9/11 anniversary”

11) AE911Truth digital billboard to show WTC-7 demolition in Times Square, NY

12) 9/11 film festival on 9/11 anniversary WWW.NOLIESRADIO.ORG/FILMFESTIVAL

13) Film “Watertime” takes on 9/11 truth, JFK assassination

14) NSA whistleblower says need new 9/11 investigation

15) NIST has 1,000 hours of phone calls, fire and police reports it will not release

16) Movement to declassify 911 materials gathers momentum

17) Laurent Guyénot: “Missing 28 pages” a limited hangout

18) WTC nuke hypothesis stirs controversy

19) 2003 complaint about US pursuing mini-nukes

20) Former Mossad agent’s slip of the tongue on television: We did the London truck bomb…

Flashpoint Ukraine 

21) Kremlin: Putin and Ukraine’s Poroshenko agree on outlines of a peace deal

22) Obama’s catastrophic defeat in Ukraine

23) 200 US troops to join Ukraine war games

Crimes of Zionism

24) Galloway recovering from beating by Zionist thug

25) Islamic fighters parade after cease fire in Gaza

Tyranny & resistance

26) Salaita firing turns into “catastrophe” for UI

27) Fake cell phone ‘towers’ spying on Americans

28) FBI running its own radio shows

29) Innocent civilians targeted with deadly electronic weaponry

30) Ferguson cop hoax


31) Ex-CIA official proposes the assassination of Putin

32) Libya’s top cops being assassinated

 33) Factors point to CIA assassination of Brazilian candidate

Even Sheep Fight Back – Sheeple to Follow?

34) Ram rams drone & brings it down

Even sheep fight back. What’s wrong with you, sheeple?
Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”

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