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James Perloff on 75th anniversary of WWII, Adam Syed on 9/11 truth movement

Friday 8/29 – Listen live – 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  – click on the “Studio B” button. To be rebroadcast Saturday 7/26 11 to 12:45 pm Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

James is the one on the left

James Perloff, bestselling author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, writes: “Monday, September 1st, will mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.  Would you like to do a show addressing the war from a revisionist perspective?  As current American foreign policy seems possibly aimed at generating World War III, this topic seems especially appropriate.”

I agree. I am not a holocaust revisionist – I’m much worse than that! I’m a World War II revisionist: I want to annihilate the whole sickening myth of the “greatest generation” fighting a just war of good against evil. In reality, both sides were utterly evil – the war was about power, not justice – and the Allied atrocities taken together were as bad as the German ones. (OK, if you throw in Japanese atrocities, the axis side may have been slightly worse overall…but SO WHAT.)

Were both World Wars fought to make the world safe for the Rothschild banksters and their emerging New World Order? Tune in and listen to James Perloff’s revisionist view of 20th century history.

Adam Syed is a professional musician and 9/11 truth activist

During the second hour Adam Syed will continue the conversation from last week’s show with avionics expert Dennis Cimino and engineer Wayne Coste about whether Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and the truth movement in general, should spend more time pointing out the absurdity of the official story about what happened to the Pentagon. (Adam has written a critical review of Kevin Ryan’s book Another 19.)

6 Thoughts to “James Perloff on 75th anniversary of WWII, Adam Syed on 9/11 truth movement”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, Kevin You were a great host, and I appreciated hearing, from you and your other guests, some of the latest views on 9-11, which I had not been keeping up-to-date on.


  2. Anonymous

    I'm writing after watching a good part of a video from Gordon Duff accusing the heads of AE of having perpetrated ninalevin… What is up with that? Can you tell me more? Is Fetzer on board with this? I am immensely curious.

  3. Gordon has either caught a bad case of hyperbole, or his PTSD is acting up. That doesn't necessarily mean he's wrong about the epidemic of Zio-terrorist mini-nukes.

  4. Anonymous


    I thought your latest discussion with violinist Adam Syed and former FAA controller Robin Hordon embody the most critically important element of the whole process:Strategic planning and mass psychology.

    Those two are clearly some of the sharpest minds in the movement;
    and among the most effective (aggressive but careful) activists I have heard yet.

    You should feature regular updates from them. And bumper some of their remarks for reiteration.

    I think many of us are well past major determinations of "truth" (as an abstraction), and sense an increasing preoccupation with practical "justice", as domestic economic and social conditions deteriorate at an accelearting pace.

    Accordingly, there is a growing interest in the more practical considerations of how we consolidate gains already achieved, gather new "friends" and allies; and ever more ruthlessly and decisively identify and isolate the sociopaths and enemies of the truth.

    Much of that truth is by now already commonly held by millions and millions.
    They just won't admit it yet.

    Discussions like those with Syed and Hordon are essential to the process opening the door for them..

    Thanks again.

  5. Anonymous

    Seventy-five years ago today World War II started.
    The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)
    The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler
    Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm

    The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)
    The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler
    Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin. re:
    Seventy-five years ago today World War II started.
    The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)
    The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler
    Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm
    Remarkably, I had just begun watching that video this weekend, as it was called to my attention by a World War 2 expert who I consulted earlier on the same day that you and I did our interview. I think, politically speaking, there is little we have not been lied to about. I have read elsewhere that relations between Hitler and Muslims were generally amicable.

    Here is an interesting excerpt from William Guy Carr's Pawns In the Game, written in the 1950s:
    Hitler antagonized the international bankers when he announced his financial policy and monetary reform programme. He persuaded Italy, Spain, and Japan to back him in his determination to challenge the power of the Cartels and Monopolies financed and controlled by the international bankers, particularly their "Brain-child," the Bank of International Settlements. The German Reich abrogated the clause in the constitution which made Dr. Hans Luther, the president of the Reichsbank, a permanent fixture. Until the change was made, the president of the Reichsbank could not be removed without his own consent and a majority vote of the board of the Bank of International Settlements.

    Since the Great War the international bankers had set up twenty-six central banks. They were modeled after the Federal Reserve Banks in the United States, which had been established in 1913 according to the theories of Mr. Paul Warburg, the German who had gone to America in 1907 and become a partner in Kuhn-Loeb & Co. of New York.

    Mr. Paul Warburg's creation of 1913 had been steadily attempting to set up a 'Central Banking Organization' which would acknowledge no authority on this planet as above it. Hitler knew that if Warburg and associates had their way, the Bank of International Settlements would become as autocratic as the bank of England is in regard to British National Affairs and Foreign Policy. Politicians and statesmen were being asked to believe this banker's dream would stabilize the banking system of the world. In this contention they were absolutely correct. The nigger-in-the-gold-pile is the fact, that with the realization of this dream, all hope of freedom and plenty for the individual and private industry would automatically disappear. The citizens of the world would have the same financial security as the criminal who enjoys social security behind bars. Against this process of reducing the people of the world to financial slavery Hitler decided to take a definite stand, and he refused to allow Germany to be merged into the league of Monopolist States, secretly controlled by agents of the Illuminati.

    And Kevin, here is further insight from British chemist Arthur Laurie, writing in 1938:

    In the second place, as long as Germany and Italy are under their present governments, they will not touch foreign loans, and Germany by her method of internal economy and trading has eliminated the international financier, and those who make profits by playing with foreign exchanges. That is doubtless why the government is being forced by the "City" to start a trade war with Germany. If the economic methods devised by Germany are successful, and spread to other nations, and if Hitler succeeds in his policy of establishing permanent peace in Europe, the high financier will cease to be able to exist. It is therefore their main interest today to plunge the four powers into war, in order to destroy Germany and Italy.

    In short, Kevin, it appears that Hitler was the enemy of banksters, as well as of Zionists and Communists–small wonder they went after him.


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