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Henry Herskovitz: “We’re winning the battle against Zionism!”

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Henry Herskovitz of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends just sent out this report:

We’re Winning (One man’s view)

4,200 miles on a motorcycle through ten states including Colorado and Wyoming netted us the following observation: There were only two rather feeble responses to the anti-Israel bumper stickers and garments worn, when in the past there were many. In addition, the force and anger of the offended viewers previously contained much more heat (always little light) than the two this year. True, many racist heads were turned away from the sentiments on the t-shirt, but only two had the courage of their convictions to mount anything close to an offensive. We conclude it’s just getting harder and harder to claim any defense for the vicious Jewish state and the war crimes it commits.

In this interview Henry describes the huge shift in public opinion he’s witnessing as more and more Americans wake up and turn against Zionism. We discuss all of the most controversial related topics, including the Holocaust Religion and its heretics.

2 Thoughts to “Henry Herskovitz: “We’re winning the battle against Zionism!””

  1. Anonymous

    Flag carrier Malaysian Airlines have suffered a massive drop in customers, apparently over 50% after the first MH370 disappearance.
    Malaysia is a Muslim country
    Malaysia challenges the IMF – they have full on exchage controls – very sensible to resist the coming financial tsunami but leaves the banksters fuming
    Allow religious tolerance and are an example in many ways a successful post colonial independent nation.
    Malaysia's War Crimes Tribunal found Israel guilty of war crimes and appears to be the only major power in the world to be attempting to hold the UN and other international institutions to account.
    Interesting eh?

  2. Thought the only legitimate reason/way to dwell on the pop-Nazi mythology was to see 'dem Natsees' as a warning about how far off it was possible for authority/conformity to take you.
    I.e., you. Yes, you. "They" are only the illustration that it's also possible for you. You'll need real preparation and vigilance not to fall for a Hitler as he's thought to be. And that's entirely your responsibility. Don't let God down, now.
    But by 911 (& probably much earlier) this wasn't the pop-purpose of the pop-Nazi at all. It was to bask in pop collective moral superiority–so that you're qualitatively above the enemy-du-jour. Above introspection, really, and either 'threatened' or indulging in rescue fantasies. And the last pop-Hitler du jour is about selling you the next one.

    One thing I used to see out of certain Jewish orgs (ADL, for one, probably) was this you're-supposed-to-be-horrified that so-and-so was trying to "rehabilitate" witch x. That seems to correspond with certain limited antitheses one can see with 'peaceniks': E.g., the "I'm not saying he's not a bad guy, but…" phenomenon. They'd tell you that doesn't mean this from them, but it does: don't feel so bad that you murdered on the order of a million this time (and counting), after all, I'm not-really-saying the guy you were after was-an-angel. Or, in any case, not "rehabilitating" him preserves the low-info rationale (i.e., 'evil') for the next witch.
    If the last one you burned is still 'evil,' then you're still not.

    Because at that point people will perceive that all the counter points are piddly: apparently the best counters to the war enthusiast really were just minor procedural points. Who cares how you knocked off the Devil Incarnate if you can't 'rehab' him or flesh out his perspective?
    Still The Devil. Or close enough. On to the next.
    Impact of previous-generation Manichean propaganda so preserved.

    And I doubt that just calling him the-other-black-hat will help. If they can't feel like it's a tragic error to have knocked off the last one, they'll probably proceed to the next just the same…with another few million more nobodies 'peripherally' maimed and whacked in their never-ending endeavor to repudiate-Hitler.

    Mr. Herskovitz seems like an all around good man. Very glad he's here, saying what he's saying.

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