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FFWN: Mainstream media admit “beheading” was fake

False Flag News

1) The beheading appears to have been staged

2) Former CIA head says ISIS will attack west

3) Chairman of JCS says ISIS not a threat to US/West

4) Military skill and terrorist technique fuel ISIS

5) Police use old school for “active shooter” drills


6) Palestinians win Gaza war

7) Henry Siegman: Gaza “a slaughter of innocents”

8) The End of Liberal Zionism

9) Trolling progressive web sites to post anti-Semitic smears


10) New audio reveals pause in gunfire when Michael Brown was shot

11) Obama ordering review of police militarization program

12) FL county buys 8 $18m attack helicopters

13)  Illinois GOP terrorizes Libertarians

USA, world collapsing

14) The Fukushima catastrophe grows and grows and grows

15) More on welfare than full time employed

16) Burger King mulls moving HQ to Canada to cut taxes

17) Rand Paul calls Hillary “Gung-Ho . . . a War Hawk”–a-war-hawkq

18) Washington Post–Obama prosecutes reporters

19) Obama to cut benefits to companies that move their HQs offshore

20) Stockman: Washington has gone stark, raving mad

3 Thoughts to “FFWN: Mainstream media admit “beheading” was fake”

  1. Anonymous

    Brad Friedman published something interesting today: Faking the Ferguson Documents: KPFK ‘BradCast’
    I would think that faking documents is an important part of creating a false flag op. Thought I’d share. Love your new show.


  2. Excellent analysis! I love this radio show

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