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Barry Kissin: US gov admitted anthrax inside job – & now here comes Ebola!

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Barry Kissin is an attorney and investigative journalist from Frederick, MD – home of the Ft. Detrick Biological Warfare Facility. In this interview we discuss the implications of the US government’s confession that the “Death to America! Death to Israel! Allah is great!” 9/11-follow-up anthrax attack was a false flag by one or more US biowarfare scientists. (They falsely blamed supposed lone nut Bruce Ivins to hide the obvious truth that the anthrax attack was part of the officially-sanctioned 9/11 operation.)

Given the current Ebola scare, we should not be happy that our leaders have proven themselves ready, willing and able to massacre their own people with biological warfare agents.

Barry and I also take note that Canadian professor Graeme McQueen is just releasing what promises to be a terrific book on the anthrax inside job. (Dr. McQueen will appear on Truth Jihad Radio soon.)

2 Thoughts to “Barry Kissin: US gov admitted anthrax inside job – & now here comes Ebola!”

  1. UK government admits Kevin Barrett-supported "anti-racism" allowed up to 1400 English children to be sexually abused by Islamic-colonists in one small town.

    Kevin Barrett says: "Muslims are morally superior to Westerners" (even though no similar abuses are committed against Muslim-colonists by the native English.)

    I'm referring to that really ill-advised article you posted at VT. And offering new data.

  2. The Rotherham case looks like a few low-level guys taking the rap for a high-level pedophile ring (Jimmy Saville, Tony Blair, and their friends). Obviously the sexual degenerates involved were not Muslims, but products of the permissive secular West. If you want to end this kind of depravity, institute Islamic law and weed all these creeps, from the low level thugs to the highest levels of power, right out of the gene pool.

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