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Zionist “we control the media” shills fabricate anti-Coldplay hysteria

“We own the media, Hollywood, the banking system, Congress, and the White House. If we said the Fishy-Smelling Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis was a legitimate state, and a giant squid was its prime minister, we could make you believe us.” – Top Ten Reasons Why Israel Actually IS a Legitimate State

This just in from Jonathan Cook:

Coldplay in hot water over Palestine video

 Here in one little story, you have the reason why Israel keeps getting away with it.  The band Coldplay put a link on Facebook to a video of the song “Freedom for Palestine”. Thousands of “fans” – more likely the hasbara crew – flood their site with angry comments. Fox News, of course, lambasts them. The Washington Post writes about the furore, leading with a quote that describes the band as “insufferable” (has no one ever said anything positive about them?). And the ever gutless Facebook takes down Coldplay’s link to the video.  Were one of that bent of mind, one might almost think there was some kind of media conspiracy going on. 

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