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FFWN: World must arm the Palestinian Resistance!

One of hundreds of Netanyahu’s “telegenic” child victims

False Flag News Intro:

1) False flag alert: Gaza and Ukraine crises triggered by false flag ops!

Gaza Genocide

2) Israeli police: Hamas not complicit in Israeli teens kidnapping

3) Latest outrage: ‘World Stands Disgraced’ as Israel Bombs Another UN-Designated Shelter in Gaza

4) Palestinian child pleads for help

5) Her crime was to be born

6) For Israel, this is “unimaginable restraint”

7) Gaza neighborhoods reduced to rubble by our ally, Israel

8) Children killed in Gaza playground attack

9) Israeli officer: “I was right to shoot 13-year old girl”

10) Human Rights ad banned on Israeli radio

11) Killing children is Israeli policy

12) Tunnels lead right to the heart of Israeli fear

13) Israel: International anger mounts

14)  Turkish PM: “Israel has surpassed what Hitler did to them”

15) US alone votes against UN investigation of Gaza invasion

16) US resupplying Israel with ammunition . . .

17) US only nation with favorable view of Israel

18) Israeli scientist exposes Iron Dome hoax

19) Israel grants oil drilling rights to Cheney-related company

20) Naomi Wolf abandons Judaism over Gaza genocide

21) Astronaut photographs Gaza from space

22) Gaza incursion reflects impotence of international law

22.5  Europeans should buy Hamas better rockets: Italian philosopher

Flashpoint Ukraine: One False Flag After Another

23) BBC RUSSIA accidentally broadcasts truth about MH17

24) More parts of planes and bodies

25) Ukraine Security Service confiscated ATC recordings

26) Jon Stewart breezy about MH17 (“Russians did it!”)

27) US claims Russia fired rockets into Ukraine–politics.html

28) Did US Fake Satellite Images to Show Russia Shelled Eastern Ukraine?

29) International observers note nothing amiss on Russian border

30) Russia-Ukraine fired into Russia to kill border officials

31) Australia deploys to Ukraine (MN 17)

32) Ukranian government collapses from pressure by IMF

33) Can another Chrenobyl occur in Ukraine?

World War III: US vs. Russia?

34) US and Europe set to toughen sanctions on Russia

35) US Military Chief compares Putin to Stalin

36) Paul Craig Roberts, War is Coming

Flashpoint Iraq

37) Iraqis start resisting “Anti-Islamic State” (ISIS)

38) Turkey cuts off Euphrates and devastates Iraq

Gun Grab News

39) Gun laws are not working

40) CO new gun laws not stemming CO gun violence

Two Possible Futures

41) Solar panels to power the world, Europe or Germany alone

42) Signs point to massive EMP attack by US on US

11 Thoughts to “FFWN: World must arm the Palestinian Resistance!”

  1. Carol Holland

    Well if we lose the electric grid you will have to send us a weekly news letter. Remember those?

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,You and Jim are the best program on My IPad .I like You to address the following.Was the flight HM17 canceled on the 17 of July,what is the proof.If this is fact there cannot be 160 Dutch victims and Yet 40 coffins have arrived in Holland 5 days ago ,received by King Alexander and the Dutch Prime Minister Mr Rutte. They promised DNA verification,but no Dutch relatives have been shown as yet.Also if the smelly bodies ,bloated are from HM370 then the faces would be Chinese, so how is this going to unfold? Your program today was right on point,how can all the Christians stand by and let it happen,but off course the Hebrews were told to slay all the Canaanites by none other than GOD whom they had invented and later Christians bought all hook line and sinker.Kevin I am a Dutch Canadian emigrant and I will be 85 shortly with my brain intact because I never had any Flu shots,Bingo.I record all the good talk shows so I can let people hear them.please share this with lovely Jim Fetzer. America need a new Governement pronto and You two good Guys might just enhance that possibility . Hope to hear a little word back from You ,You have a friend in Trenton Ontario Canada.regards ,JM

  3. Anonymous

    Well Kevin, it's been fun… If you can call witnessing humankind's self immolation fun. I think we've all seen this coming for sometime. It should be of no surprise to anyone who half way follows current events. Let alone anyone who listens to your show. And especially anyone who has mastered the events of 9-11 such as yourself.

    To me, the stolen election of 2000 was the clincher. When the American people didn't rise up automatically in revolution. It wasn't until years later with the financial collapse of 2007 that OWS sprung up did we even have a fighting chance. Even though it was hardly radical enough for me… Again people stood by and did nothing as OWS got brutally smashed into a thousand pieces. Life is not an endless series of second chances and we've blown them all.

    I wish we could have met, I'd like to pick your brain about Sufi Mysticism and the rituals of Zoroastrianism…

    Hope I haven't been a pest these last few months. But you've been the only voice I've cared to respond too. Thanks for that.

    Best to you and yours, and good luck.
    waveformalpha, just a stupid internet moniker I got stuck with… But it was fun while it lasted… and maybe a few people got exposed to the Shaman Frank Moore and his work who wouldn't have otherwise… At least I'd like to think so… The internet, though fascinating and showed great potential in cultivating the OWS movement, is now, in my mind moot. I mean what else is there to know? If people can't see where we are by now they never will…

    I've decided to build a time capsule containing Frank's writings and video performances in the hope that some future generation may discover them. I'm researching the most probable survival location now. Recently Frank's work has been acquired by Harvard's Library and Archives where it will reside in perpetuity. But I fear that it will be destroyed. It's a long shot but worth the chance.

    In the meantime I'll love the ones around me a little harder then decide what the closing act of the Passion Play should be…

  4. Well, you are absolutely right, Kevin. That is absolutely disgusting. I love your show. I started this episode with a liter of Vodka and my drinking game was to take a shot every time Fetzer said "you're absolutely right, Kevin" or "that's absolutely disgusting, Kevin" I ran out of liquor half way through the show and now I am so drunk I cant get up. I don't think this is going to end well

  5. Anonymous

    bad news, my condolences to you….

    Scott Walker pleads guilty to murder in first degree of Kevin Barrett

    Scott Aaron Walker, the suspect in the three-year-old murder of Kevin Barrett, of Burks Hollow Road in Rutherford County, pleaded guilty to felony murder in the first degree, especially aggravated kidnapping, especially aggravated robbery and conspiracy to commit especially aggravated robbery in Judge David Bragg’s courtroom today.

    Walker, received life in prison with the possibility of parole. That's a 60-year sentence, but he will be eligible for parole in 51 years. His trial was scheduled for Aug.11-15.

    Barrett’s family and former girlfriend, Regina Flowers, were in the courtroom and agreed to the plea agreement. Flowers, was kidnapped, tied up and beaten during the attack three years ago that took Barrett’s life. Walker admitted he and an accomplice broke into Barrett’s house on several occasions before the attack and had even stolen the rifle which was used to kill Barrett.

    Walker’s co-defendant, James Lamendola, was going to testify against Walker at trial. Assistant District Attorney J. Paul Newman said his office will meet with Lamendola within the next couple of weeks to see if he will accept a plea deal or take his chances going to trial.


    -Rolf Lindgren

  6. It was a conspiracy. Steve Nass was in on it.

  7. Anonymous

    You mentioned "Jon Stewart" on your show today, a talented Jewish propagandist who panders mainly to self-styled liberals.

    His real name is Jon Stewart Liebowitz, and his brother Larry Liebowitz recently stepped down as CEO of the New York stock exchange. Both serve the "oligarchs".

    The "Daily Show" is hosted on the Comedy Channel [sic] which is owned by Viacom, the 4th largest media conglomerate. Viacom is controlled by billionaire "Sumner Redstone" (real name Murray Rothstein), who is ranked one of the top 50 most influential Jews in the world.

    I guess we're supposed to just keep on laughing while Gaza burns.

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Jim Fetzer,

    How do you let him (Kevin) get away with it?

    He just called for nuclear weapons to be used in the ME, he'd give nuclear weapons to Islamists!

    I understand your hatred for Israeli's (Jews) is broad, but you cannot claim atheist credentials and then allow this militant Islamist in Madison to call for a nuclear genocide for Allah!

    WTF is wrong with you?!? Why do you let him get away with this?


  9. Anonymous

    Dear metaman2014[at]outlook[dot]com, You have shown yourself to be a zealot who will do anything he can to suppress the truth about Sandy Hook. And you appear to be doing the same regarding Gaza. The emotional response to the atrocities being committed by Israel is intense and growing. Just as the US and the USSR endured a "Cold War" because they both had nuclear weapons, if Iran and the Palestinians had nuclear weapons, this kind of grotesque abuse would end. I am not going to penetrate your impenetrable mind, but you should be expressing outrage–just as Kevin was expressing outrage–over the beast-like behavior and wanton slaughter of innocent, defenseless people. The real question: WTF is wrong with you?!? Why do you let them get away with this?' Jim Fetzer

  10. My weekly newsletter is on summer vacation. But it may come back soon.

  11. Kevin,
    why do you want to place these solar panel in north Africa… nope… desertec is a euopean colonial project… nope why fueling those who are killing us?

    to help Africa and other countries, surely!

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