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Zaid Hamid: ISIL is NOT Sunni!

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Guest: Pakistani defense analyst and leading talk show host Zaid Hamid makes his Truth Jihad Radio debut!

A veteran of the 1980s Afghan liberation war against the Soviet Union, Zaid Hamid is now one of the most popular media figures in Pakistan. He is also a defense analyst with a big-time following in the Pakistani officer corps and military establishment. His autobiography From Indus to Oxus provides a needed corrective to the standard Western propaganda about the Afghan Jihad.

The truth about false-flag terror has not been successfully marginalized in Pakistan, where only 3% of the people accept the official version of 9/11. So Zaid is reaching a huge audience with his analysis of the Zio-American false-flag war on the world in general, and the fake-Muslim “al-CIA-duh” terrorists in particular.

In this interview, Zaid shreds the “war on terror” myth and explains what’s really going on, and reminds us of the brave truth-telling American diplomat John Gunther Dean, who confirmed that the Mossad murdered Pakistani leader Gen. Zia-ul-Haq. Zaid also confirms the point of my gone-viral Press TV article, “Is ISIL really Sunni?”

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