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Maria Poumier: Solve 9/11 by busting Israel for Argentine false flags

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Did Israel bomb its own embassy in Argentina in 1992, and then a Jewish Community Center in 1994? According to Maria Poumier‘s new film AMIA REPETITA, these crimes – especially the 1994 bombing – have been thoroughly exposed as Mossad false-flags. She says the whole Argentine government knows it was a Zionist inside job – and the nation’s heroic Foreign Minister, a Jewish man by the name of Héctor Timerman, has been trying to expose the truth, despite the assassinations of key figures pushing for a real investigation. The courageous Timerman  reached an agreement with Iran in January 2013 to conduct a joint investigation of the attack. If Argentina succeeds in publicly placing the blame where it belongs – squarely on the shoulders of the Israelis – the whole War on Terror, including the 9/11/2001 deception, could suddenly unravel.

Maria Poumier is a scholar, researcher and translator who has taught at the University of Havana and the University of Paris-VIII. She was witch-hunted out of her profession by Zionist extremists offended that she had invited highly-regarded but politically-incorrect historian Roger Garaudy to speak on campus. Since being driven from the university, she has continued her scholarly activities – and worked with dissident comedian Dieudonné, defended the academic freedom of historian Robert Faurisson, and engaged in pro-Palestinian activism.

One Thought to “Maria Poumier: Solve 9/11 by busting Israel for Argentine false flags”

  1. Anonymous

    This program with Maria struck me for what is often missing in world news coverage: Central and Latin America's shift away from the U.S. juggernaut of foreign aid and NGO infiltration. Her personal connection with the people of Cuba was particularly noted. This is where my family and culture reside. Also wanted to ask if you know who Field McConnell is, as he lives within a half-day's drive from your general locale. — Since I joined a Palestine community on google+, the daily and frequent reports posted from Gaza are disturbing and alarming. The demolition of homes and illegal expansion continues with impunity. It's as though the UN rules are waived by fiat. The regular IDF patrols that menace children and civilian life appear to enlist recruits that are virulently indoctrinated in hate of Arabs. A photographer's camera had pictures erased and was damaged the other day, something that really hits home with me as it is my passion to take pictures. No grievance process? No redress? How can world opinion ignore the cutting off of water, or the release of sewage into Palestinian streets? —And lastly I agree Press TV has been airing documentaries that are superb. The worker slave contract regime in Qatar really opened my eyes. Thanks for the work you do, and I just suggest getting a guest that is knowledgeable on Central America, particularly Honduras. Israeli companies are insinuating themselves with contracts and ventures that are not exactly beneficial to the people there. Journalists and reporters have been greatly injured since the ouster of President Zelaya. The news void is alarming….

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