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DDWN: NY financial elite freaking out over “9/11 truth on the ballot” !

Broadcast live from the Lancaster Motor Inn in beautiful Lancaster, New Hampshire, where Kevin is participating in the Porcupine Freedom Festival. (And from Jim Fetzer’s house.)

False Flag News

1) Media coverage of High-Rise Safety Initiative begins 

2) 9/11 conspiracy group could force its way onto ballot   

3) 9/11 Truthers Seek Ballot Initiative To Investigate 7 WTC Collapse

3.5) “Lucky Larry”  Reaches Deal to Finish 80-Story Tower    

4) Sandy Hook: Top ten articles 

5)  100 Children Died In Unintentional Shootings In Year After Newtown

6) Comment on Huffington Post promptly deleted  100 children have died in accidental shootings since Newtown

7) Craig’s List ad for Crisis Actors

8) CIA made devil dolls of Osama bin Laden 

9) ISIL: Devil Dolls of the CIA

10) Origin of ISIS/ISIL with Saudi Arabia and the CIA

Iraq War Redux

11) US again attempting to overthrow the government of Iraq

12) Rand Paul: US has been arming ISIS

13) ISIS militants with US passports?

14) Will ISIS control Iraq’s oil?

15) ISIS militants using US Humvees seized in Iraq

16) Are ISIS execution photos fake?

17) War industry to make billions off of ISIS threat

18) Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein is executed by ISIS

19) Saddam execution faked?

20) They belong in prison,  not on TV (William Rivers Pitt)

Flashpoint Ukraine

21) Putin asks Duma to rescind authorization to use force in Ukraine

22) NATO killers plan to cleanse Russians from Ukraine

23) Russian checkpoint on Ukraine border comes under fire

24) Russia prepares for expected US nuclear attack

25) From Orwell and 1984: Irregular warfare against Eurasia


26) FBI killed Franklin Scandal investigator and his son

27) US Military blocks

28) Supreme Court supporting Police State USA

29) Some good news as well as bad news: Supreme Court endorses electronic privacy

30) ACLU notes “dangerous militarization” of US law enforcement

 31) More than 400 drones have crashed worldwide

 32) California moves to protect “targeted individuals”

33) UK begins Beta Testing of cashless society

34) GMO genes can be transferred directly to humans

US Politics

34) Nine reasons our foreign policy is completely hypocritical

35) Obama lied about Benghazi (Hillary explains)

36) Wisconsin Firestorm engulfing Walker

37) Walker and Christie: White House or Big House?

38) Paul Ryan assails IRS Commissioner 

 39) US health care: most expensive yet worst for developed nations

Environmental catastrophes

41) PA health employees bared from responding about gas drilling

42) Autism now costs US over $238 billion per year

43) Misclassification of studies “supporting” global warming

2 Thoughts to “DDWN: NY financial elite freaking out over “9/11 truth on the ballot” !”

  1. Anonymous


    TV: Program – – The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

    A TV-program from 2010 (hit-piece) made by Swedish TV4 about The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden and also in other parts of the world. TV4:s approach and agenda was to demonize all 911-truthers and forcing a slander upon all intrested in 911 by portraying them in this tv-program as "anti-semitic" and "a threat to democracy". People watching this program will instantly recognize this unethical approach towards investigating a very serious issue like 9-11.

    We put english subtitles on this tv-program to show the rest of the world how the media works in Sweden with subjects deemed as unwanted and not in line with the official unscientific explanations.

    Read the English FAQ for more info on what is and what we do!
    If you sympathise with our mission and goals please like our FB-page and help us reach 3000 likes before 2015.

    Watch the documentary here – – The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

    All the best from Sweden!
    Jonas, VAKEN.SE

  2. Anonymous

    I was interested to hear in your latest broadcast that
    97% Study Falsely Classifies Scientists' Papers, according to the scientists that published them

    Indeed interesting stuff and I am skeptical about the official AGW agenda/science.

    That said, you may want to see this.

    The fellow that runs that Popular Technology website is an "English major" and as someone in the English teaching field, I can tell you that you should never trust another English teacher! For many reasons. First of all, most English teachers just ain't all that very bright….

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