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David Hooper on his new 9/11 truth film “Anatomy of a Great Deception”

Friday 6/20 – Listen live – 5 to 7 pm Central on Revolution Radio:  To be rebroadcast Saturday 6/7 11 to 12:45 pm Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot. 

This documentary follows entrepreneur turned filmmaker, David Hooper, as he deals with the emotions of discovering the truth about 9/11 and a world-wide deception. Part 1, “How 9/11 Woke Me Up” focuses on the initial discovery of a possible conspiracy and coping with the emotions involved in searching for truth.

The story lays the groundwork for a deeper analysis of 9/11, mainstream media, how the masses might be deceived, and biblical prophecy as it seemingly unfolds in our modern-day world.

2 Thoughts to “David Hooper on his new 9/11 truth film “Anatomy of a Great Deception””

  1. Anonymous

    In your recent interview with David Hooper, you mentioned the term "universal Jew" which is something of an oxymoron. As you may know, the Talmud — supreme holy book for all "observant" Jews — is filled with nothing but contempt for the gentile who lacks the "divine spirit" of the Jew. Here's an example of this holier-than-thou attitude from a modern Israeli rabbi:

    "When the non-Jew encounters the Jew, he is, consciously or subconsciously, struck by a richness of spirit, a depth of living, a resonance of eternity and an echo of the divine that is not easily described, but very palpable. There is something about the Jew that is larger than life, and the non-Jew feels it, sometimes more acutely than the Jew… Few things are as unbearable and as frightening as the recognition of your [non-Jewish] life being insignificant and meaningless… The gentile, instinctively and accurately, feels the "otherness" of the Jew; *the non-Jew innately senses the holiness embedded within the Jewish soul*. When the Jew denies this holiness, when the Jew, embarrassed by his Judaism, tells the world, "I am just like you," the non-Jew [accurately] senses a lie, a secret conspiracy, and he despises the Jew even more."

    Source: Rabbi Yosef Jacobson, Israel National News, 17-Mar-2003

    However, the term "universal Judaism" describes Freemasonry almost perfectly. It incorporates all the nefarious aspects of secret brotherhoods, whose members are sworn to secrecy and pledged to follow the agenda of their unknown superiors, as you pointed out. According to rabbi Isaac M. Wise over a century ago:

    ""Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from the beginning to the end, with the exception of only one by-degree and a few words in the obligation." — Isaac M. Wise, The Israelite, 3-Aug-1855

    Note that rabbi Isaac Wise, himself a Mason, was the founder of the "Reform" Judaism sect in America. He was also the father-in-law of Adolph Ochs, who purchased the New York Times in 1896.

    The "Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction" was founded in Charleston S.C. by Judeo-Masons in 1801, under charter from Moses M. Hays. It was a successor to the "Lodge of Perfection" to which many of the synagogue members belonged. The headquarters in now in the "House of the Temple" in Washington D.C.

    The B'nai B'rith ("Sons of the Covenant"), the premier Judeo-Masonic order and parent of the ADL, was founded in 1843 in New York.

  2. Could you study the death of Paul Wellingstone's plane crash as part of something larger:,

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