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Preston James Ph.D.: Is there a “Secret Space War” ?

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Preston James, Ph.D. is a Veterans Today colleague and retired psychologist who spent 36 years in private practice. His career intersected with the intelligence community in ways that I will let him tell you (or not tell you) about.

Preston’s ongoing saga of “Secret Space War” has reached Episode 16. According to him, reality is even stranger than The X Files. But when you scratch beneath the surface, the basic picture Preston’s sources paint bears a striking resemblance to the traditional religious/spiritual worldview.

Is our world really haunted by angels and djinn? Does a Satanist cabal in league with evil spirits rule the world – or at least try to? Or should we dismiss Preston’s work as the ravings of somebody who has treated too many severely disturbed patients, and has begun to believe them?  Tune in and decide for yourself.

One Thought to “Preston James Ph.D.: Is there a “Secret Space War” ?”

  1. Anonymous

    If Preston James was my psychologist, I would lie on his couch and let him tell me about the secret space war. After that, all my problems would seem very small.

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