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DDWN exposes false flags, tyranny & perpetual war

False Flag News

0) 9/11, JFK Assassination, Holocaust Debated at US University

1) Hollywood producer: Boston bombing was a staged event

2) NSA Refuses FOIA Request on Malaysia Flight 370 on Grounds of ‘Classified Info’

3) MH370: Immediate Beneficiaries

4) MH370 Radar track and possible UFO

5) NORAD stages 9/11-style exercises over Ohio

6) NY Times admits publishing fake evidence on Iraq, Syria and Ukraine

7) Did Boston bombing conceal global intrigue?

Ukraine and WWIII

8) Protesters seize key building in Ukraine’s east

9) US, EU impose new sanctions

10) Paul Craig Roberts–Moving Closer to War

 11) Neo-Cons double-down on Ukraine

12) Russia tells US to use a trampoline to get to the ISS

13) US sends missiles to Syrian rebels

Occupied Palestine

14) Netanyahu blows a gasket over Hamas-PA reconciliation

15) Gaza’s Ark attacked

16) Abbas denounces Holocaust


17) Supreme Court Denies NDAA Lawsuit

18) Karzi–UK,US still run illicit detentions

19) FCC under fire for “Net Neutrality” plan

Odds & Ends

20) Federal judge strikes down WI voter ID law

21) The Chinese take Manhattan–sector.html

22) How politics hijacked the fight against global warming

23) GOP upset with Nevada rancher for not using racially coded phrases

24) Jim Fetzer on “Caravan to Midnight” with John B. Wells (3 hours)

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