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Matthias Chang: Flight 370 was remote-hijacked

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Author, barrister and political advisor Matthias Chang
Matthias Chang


My new article “Flight 370 was remote-hijacked” begins:

A high-level Malaysian source has confirmed that missing Flight MH370 must have been hijacked by remote control.

Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained why only a remote-hijacking “fly by wire” scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance.

Read Matthias Chang’s MH 370 – A Sinister Tragedy In the Fog of Coincidence?

In this exclusive interview, Chang – who remains well-connected with the highest political levels in Malaysia – patiently explained why all of the evidence points to a remote hijacking by one of the handful of countries capable of such a technological feat. He expressed annoyance with Western media criticism of the Malaysian government, arguing that it is Western governments, not Malaysia’s, that are covering up what they know while the media fails to ask the hard questions.

2 Thoughts to “Matthias Chang: Flight 370 was remote-hijacked”

  1. Anonymous

    Rather than postulating a FAILED False Flag…., is there the possibility that it has been a SUCCESSFUL False Flag, at least so far ?? The latest report from CNN regarding Malaysian Government comments is that they are " treating the controlled turn as a criminal act". Suppose the controlled turn is a smokescreen to direct attention to the pilots or a suspected third party aboard( the Malaysians may in fact believe in what they are saying ), and is it possible that technology exists which allows TAKEOVER of the airplane from the ground (I assume you may have military contacts who might provide insight into current capabilities ) , and the plane was flown and landed at the massive British – American naval facility at Diego Garcia(sp??)in the Indian Ocean ?? This implies that all on board were either eliminated during the flight, perhaps by gas or decompression, or in the alternative, the Passengers are held incommunicado on the island, to be disposed of at some point. No idea what the purpose of stealing a plane might be – loading it up with a bomb of some sort is always a possibility. Are either of you aware if the technology to take control of an airplane from the ground, or perhaps from the air exists ?? If it does , perhaps then the smooth flight pattern of the aircraft on radar makes sense – it does not have to be a deliberate act by either pilot. I realize I am suggesting the deliberate murder, in all likelihood, of 240 people , but given that 3000 were sacrificed on 9/11 , then to those who would contemplate such a plan, 240 people represent relatively minimal "" collateral damage. "" If this is a big "PLOT" , I assume the U.S. Navy is out of the loop, because there are Navy assets committed, and certainly the Australians are out of the loop, because they appear to be the primary "water carriers" involved in the search , and their effort will only intensify. Suppose the Inmarsat satellite data has been deliberately compromised in some way ?? If bodies of Inmarsat employees start appearing, or disappearing, then one would suspect something is fishy with the British company; ie.,they are in on the scam. Obviously from the above conjecture , I have read too many articles at Veterans Today.

  2. Anonymous

    One important clue: Pres. Obama gratuitously suggested that a nuclear attack might be perpetrated on New York City. Another clue is that Netanyahu has been drooling over the propects for an attack on Iran, and an identical plane has been discovered in Tel Aviv. Put together these clues and others, and we can suspect that another attack on America is being plotted, in order to justify attacking Iran or even Russa. Yet another clue is that Russia (Iran's ally) and China are now trashing the dollar, and the criminal banksters need to scapegoat another power and create a distraction. Both of these insidious bankster itches could be scratched in this single stroke: the MH370 airplane false flag attack on America. Notice that the CIA mouthpiece, Mr. Peterson doth protest too much in disputing Kevin Barrett's theory! Such CIA flak indicates that Kevin Barrett might be right over the target. Now, it appears that widespread conspiracy reportage is beginning to erode the sloppily laid foundation for this likely false flag attack. Much credit, then, to the rising citizenry of piranha tearing away at the flesh of the ruling elite beast.

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