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Jay Weidner on Kubrick, false flags, and the “Saturn” ritual human sacrifices

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Jay Weidner has two new films coming out soon: Shasta: a revolution of the spirit, and Kubrick’s Odyssey, Pt. 3.  In this interview Jay explains how Kubrick faked the moon landing footage for NASA, then got whacked for exposing the Fraternity of Saturn – the “death cult” depicted in Eyes Wide Shut. He discusses the Fraternity of Saturn/Satan’s obsession with pedophilia and human sacrifice, the death threats he received for exposing the Fraternity’s involvement in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, and the Fraternity’s infiltration of government agencies and elite social strata…which has led to such abominations as the 9/11 ritual human sacrifice, and such follow-ups as the Boston and Sandy Hook events.

2 Thoughts to “Jay Weidner on Kubrick, false flags, and the “Saturn” ritual human sacrifices”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin —
    Just listened to the Weidner interview
    in which he refers to William Casey's quote.
    FYI, I'm the source for that quote, which is
    "When everything the American people believe is true
    is wrong, we will have succeeded" — with the 'we' being
    the CIA. Casey said it to Reagan in late Jan. or early
    Feb. 1981 in a meetingin the Roosevelt Room in the
    White House which I attended, and I immediately told
    White House Senior Correspondent Sarah McClendon,
    who put it out. The occasion was a meeting of all of
    Reagan's new cabinet secretaries and other key non-
    cabinet level appointees like Casey to let the new
    president know what they'd learned about how their
    federal agencies really worked and what they really
    did after having been in the top jobs the first few weeks
    of the administration. The other thing Casey told
    Reagan in his CIA report that meeting that really
    opened my eyes was that he'd learned that some
    80 percent of 'intelligence' sources in the intel side
    of the agency was analysts reading newspapers,
    magazines and books and watching TV. It was
    hearing that that made me realize that you could
    outwit the government by carefully reading the
    first reports on key events in newspapers and
    putting the dots together. This was further
    brought home when the then Chairman of the
    Joint Chiefs of Staff gave a lecture at the Naval
    Postgraduate School in the wake of 9/11 in which
    he told the 2,000 assembled military officers that
    the real danger to 'national security' wasn't spies
    of the leaking of inside information so much as
    someone on the outside putting the pieces together
    from what they read in the open press. This also
    made me realize that 'they' don't control the press,
    at least not anywhere near what they'd like to …

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