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DDWN: MH370 mystery solved; World War III postponed till next week

False flag news

1) Missing plane mystery solved?

 2) 9/11 museum’s blood libel on Islam

3) Marines looking for a few good actors to play terrorists in training exercises

4) New generation mocks terrorist “threat”

 5) Emails reveal US false flag plans for Ukraine

Ukraine & WWIII

6) Tensions build in Ukraine / Biden aggravates situation

7) US sends 600 troops, warship to Black Sea

8) Wesley Clark in Ukraine prepping for war

9) Anti-semitic pamphlet in Ukraine “a hoax”

10) Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi imperative

11) Ukraine and The Grand Chessboard

12) Obama strategy to write off Putin

13) Doomed US targets China, Russia

14) Military / veteran suicide epidemic gets worse

15) $600 billion squandered in Afghanistan – and that’s just the small-time pilfering

16) Putin: Alaska “too cold,” can’t join Russian Federation


17) BLM shot Bundy cattle, buried them in mass graves

18) Battle lines hardening in Nevada ranch dispute,0,5124398.story#axzz2zYsjj8DC

19) FBI in collusion with NSA domestic spying

20) Missouri Senate votes to nullify federal gun control

21) DHS purchasing 25,000,000 shotgun shells

22) Academic Freedom Conference at University of Illinois this Saturday

3 Thoughts to “DDWN: MH370 mystery solved; World War III postponed till next week”

  1. stephen

    When I read they are sending Bluefin-21 to hunt the MH 370 I was like this will surely bring some news from the deep blue sea and we will know the reason … but no luck ….. and no one is sure when we get the info ….

  2. Anonymous

    9/11 take-away from MH370 …

    Can't help wondering what INMARSAT Pings; Doppler-Shifts; Data Feeds and Engine Monitoring Data might reveal (have revealed) about the alleged aircraft of 9/11 fame …

    and / or …

    What the likelihood is that someone can find out from such NWO related companies.

    hmmmmmm …

  3. Anonymous

    PS … (An Unconfirmed Report) … This is getting closer to where Major Ed Dames said MH370 went into the water (off the coast of Myanmar) …

    Malaysia Aussie firm claims MH370 wreckage found, in Bay of Bengal

    April 28, 2014

    See more at:

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