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DDWN: False-flags exposed; Putin laughs; Supreme Court abolishes democracy

False Flag News

1) ‘MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?’

2) Was Malaysian airlines a hoax?

3) Turkey shuts off YouTube after “Syria invasion plan” leak

4) False flag scandal rocks Turkey

5) Obama promised to declassify joint 9/11 inquiry

6) Canadian host trashes Richard Gage and 9/11 Truth

Ukraine: WWIII?

7) Stopping Putin–The Military Option

8) Putin laughs at idea missile shield built against Iran

 9) Russian Senator seeks to strip Obama of Nobel Peace Prize

10) No sign of buildup on Ukraine Border

11) Germany opposes economic sanctions on Russia

12) The crucial Nord Stream Gas Pipeline

12.5) Israeli citizen announces bid for Ukrainian presidency

Occupied Palestine

13) Palestinians apply to join UN institutions

14) Obama may free Pollard to save peace talks

15) Dershowitz: Pollard for Peace “a no-brainer”

16) Free Jonathan Pollard! And shoot the other 300,000 unregistered agents of Israel, starting with Dershowitz


17) UN urges Obama to curb drones, surveillance

18) CIA misled Senate, report concludes

19) NSA Reform as a Trojan Horse

Odds & ends

20) Anti-Assad forces open fire on chemical containers

21) Zio-Republican oligarchs fear Rand Paul, hope to draft Jeb Bush for 2016

21.5) Supreme Court abolishes democracy, declares US a plutocratic oligarcy

22)  GOP limiting voting in swing states

23) Climate change: The worst is yet to come

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